Scientists say at what age men and women are most popular on dating sites

The analysis covered 200,000 personal data.

The study unveiled the most popular female and male ages on dating sites. The authors studied 200,000 profiles, focusing on what partners people of both sexes are looking for, and concluded that the profiles of men of 50 years of age were the most popular, which, in principle, is confirmed by the recently discovered “George Clooney effect.” But the peak of popularity of female profiles falls on 18 years.

“We were also very surprised,” said Elizabeth Bruch, associate professor of sociology at the University of Michigan and author of the study, “that the popularity of male profiles increases not only with age, but also with the level of education of a man.”

It turns out that we, modern men, when choosing a potential partner are guided by the same principles as our primitive ancestors millions of years ago, focusing on the potential fertility of the chosen one: they say, young, therefore, will give birth to many strong sons!

Women managed to take an evolutionary step: when choosing a partner, they take into account his intellectual data.

But both men and women, according to the authors of the study, prefer potential partners to an average of 25% more popular than themselves. And also men and women use different behavioral strategies depending on how they evaluate the attractiveness of their potential partner.

By Cindy
August 16, 2019

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