Life hack: do you want women to like you? Exaggerate your age!

“Old” is the new “sexy,” psychologists say.

Scientists have dubbed this the “George Clooney effect.” Its meaning is that as women become older and financially more independent, older male partners begin to attract them. If earlier for women the most attractive thing in a man was his ability to act as a getter, but now manners have changed!

A study published on the website of the US National Institute of Health explicitly states: “Women’s instinctual preferences for material stability and security are becoming less important, and the physical attractiveness of a man begins to play a much more significant role.” At the same time, women still prefer men older than themselves.

Research leader psychologist Fiona Moore reports that the results of the study surprised the group. It was assumed that since modern women gained financial independence, they will become like men and will begin to choose younger partners with “developed sexual characteristics”.

But what was their surprise when the preferred age difference did not change: women still chose men older than themselves.

At the same time, researchers note that the behavior of men remained the same: they still choose partners younger than themselves. And this gives hope that the highest justice still exists!

So you can finally stop painting gray hair and delve into modern youth trends to drive for your own, when the girl begins to pour in the mysterious terms “hype” and “anti-hype”.

From myself, I can add that the main thing here is not to overdo it and not turn into female eyes from a macho tired of excesses into a broken pensioner.

By Cindy
August 13, 2019

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