How to understand that you didn’t guess with a gift

A woman is able to imitate even the joy of a worthless gift. According to psychologists, only barely noticeable signs will let you know whether you screwed up or not with a gift for the New Year, March Eighth, birthday, or your anniversary.

A common thing: she is waiting for fishing rods and mormyshki, and instead receives a diamond necklace from you. As a result, pain, disappointment and pretense, as if everything is in order, you again “guessed.”

At the time of presenting the gift, both the experienced actress and the most trained poker player will still give themselves away. Body language blabs everything, no matter how you play. Therefore, when presenting a surprise, try to notice seven hidden signs that your gorgeous lady’s present is completely uncomfortable.


The most suspicious first reaction is when a lady begins to blink rapidly and looks away. If the gift was really good, this would not have happened. She obviously pretends to be satisfied, but it costs a lot of effort, so she does not meet your gaze.


Take a close look at her and see if she smiles too hard. If the smile is unusually wide, almost at the width of the eyes, things are bad. She is struggling to portray joy, and it turns out fake.


Her breathing changed – became quicker and less deep? This is a reaction of an organism trying to suppress a surge of adrenaline. A signal that she experienced stress and disappointment.


A sharp reddening of the skin of the face and neck is a very common reaction that accompanies a lie. Even if it’s a lie for good. The poor woman is stressed out by having to pretend.


Change in gait and gestures. The reason is that the body instantly goes into a “defensive-camouflage” mode, the muscles tighten and the person begins to move slightly unnaturally. Usually gifts unfold in a sitting position. So you will not see the gait, but it makes sense to follow her hands.


A very reliable sign that everything went badly is when the girl, consciously or not, tries to wrap the gift back in paper or hide it somewhere out of sight, at least under the table.


Some especially cunning ladies on autopilot begin to look at labels, price tags or checks. Because in their head at that moment the only thought is spinning: “Can I pass this gift back to the store?”


Now let’s see what psychologists recommend to people so that they learn how to correctly hide their disappointment and lies.

First, keep quiet when you receive and unwrap a gift. A person who likes a gift is usually so absorbed in him that for some time he thinks only about it and does not chat.

Secondly, you can raise a gift to eye level – so no one will notice your facial expression and deceitfully running eye.

Thirdly, you need to hold the present in your hands or on your knees for as long as possible, without putting it aside. And even more so in no case do not bury it in a pile of other things out of sight.

Fourth, no fake smiles!

And finally, you can always try the most powerful trick. Say “Nightmare!” Or “Horror, not a gift!”. And then quickly declare that it was a joke, and the gift is excellent. Any negative reaction will immediately be masked or perceived as humor. And this is a victory and a guarantee of a holiday with a human face!

By Cindy
August 11, 2019

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