Men admitted for which “sins” they break up with girls

An anonymous survey of male users on the topic “What repulsive traits or habits made you break up with a woman?” took place on a social network.

Commentators shared their stories about the habits and oddities of girls who put an end to their relationship. It turned out that, in addition to the usual universal human shortcomings like laziness or drunkenness, men repel women in women, for example, pedantry and petty pretentiousness for any reason.

“We went to a restaurant, and she got eaten up by the waiter – he just didn’t put ice in her cocktail or made some other minor mistake, I don’t remember. But all my feelings evaporated.”

According to the survey, a mismatch in the speech styles of a guy and a girl can also become a serious reason for parting.

“I speak with an accent and once left a date because she tried to mimic me for half an hour and could not understand why I was not funny.”

“I met one of my girlfriends for seven months. Each time it seemed to me that she had finished speaking, and I tried to insert a word, she interrupted me louder and louder. She spoke with such long pauses that it was easy to make a mistake.”

“I was enraged that she apologized all the time. In any conversation, on any topic:“ Sorry, but … “I understood that she was simply not self-confident, but it finally got sick.”

One of the most common causes of parting in men was the increased attention of their friends to text messages. At the same time, they tried not to notice that the young man might be busy.

“One of my girlfriends sent me 130 messages a day after a single date. Worst of all, she worked in the same company with me – just in another department. This surprised me unpleasantly. I decided that we were not suitable for each other. “

“We only knew each other for two days. Once I was overwhelmed with work and did not send the girl a single SMS. She threw a tantrum, and her mother bombarded me with messages asking what was wrong with us.”

Often the relationship does not allow a different approach to pets for a guy and a girl. Sometimes ladies are really jealous of men for their pets, arranging scenes of “Either the cat, or me!”

“She didn’t let my cat to her dog, she said:” Choose – I and my dog ​​or this cat. “I preferred the cat. She burst into tears. It was only on the second date.”

Many users are repelled by women exposed to various superstitions and prejudices.

“She stated that vaccines are terrible poison and child abuse. Sorry, ma’am, I’m not going to bury my children at a young age.”

“When she tries to follow the horoscopes in her daily life – it’s a disaster.”

“As soon as a girl begins to rant about witchcraft or cosmic energy, I politely throw it away. I can tolerate all this supernatural nonsense, but if you seriously think that you can communicate with the stars or with your dead dog, then this is a bad sign for me.”

Among the reasons for the breakup was a woman’s obsession with “social justice” and “the fight against oppression” – it turns out that this was tired not only of Donald Trump and other “right-wing populists”.

“She told me that I owe my success exclusively to“ privileged skin color. ”The fact that I got involved with heroin after 10 years of addiction, found a house, worked with a psychologist, worked from morning to night and helped others, it’s like “(Although it was only a second date, and the woman did not know about it.) We did not talk anymore.”

So, dear friend, not only women abandon you because of strange habits, but you are also good. Read, remember and you will know exactly what to do right after the first date.

By Cindy
August 9, 2019

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