How to check a girl: three simple psychological tests

There is a period in the relationship when you are still not sure whether all this is worth a long investment. You can watch the girl, or you can specifically create situations in which she will prove herself.

TEST FOR narcissism
Become funny. Not in the sense of witticisms, but literally: grunt while laughing, come in red loafers.

The daffodil girl is hypersensitive to the opinions of others. A man should increase her status in his own eyes. Turning even for a while as a clown, you will cause her acute shame and immediately find out about it. The non-narcissist girl giggles and forgets.

Win on her field. More precisely, on the field of her interests. It’s better to cook some kind of dish, fill up a trojan, get a walrus with a horn – the choice of business depends on her hobbies.

If a girl becomes gloomy and begins to sprinkle you in all vulnerable places, it means that she is dominant, even if while she meets you from work in a sundress, downcast and with bread and salt. In the long run you will have a constant competition for leadership.

To beat her to stupidity. It should be something harmless, but bring her a little concern. Persuade to escape from the lunch break out of town, for example. And when the bosses reprimand her for throwing a plane at the co-pilot, watch who she will blame – yourself or you. If you, then she is inclined to shift the responsibility for her decisions to others. Guess who will now be this other.

By Cindy
August 8, 2019

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