6 mistakes you make when you meet a girl

That is why you are still married to your first wife whom you met in kindergarten!

  1. Get to know in a fitness club
    You finally got to the gym and proud of yourself. In addition, from training, especially power, a naughty testosterone woke up in you. And now you are ready to puzzle the girl on the treadmill with the question of how often she is here. Do not. You won’t believe it, but the gym has the exact opposite effect on women. In the gym, almost every girl feels sweaty, awkward, fat and clumsy. Not to mention the fact that she is not made up, and for a woman there is nothing worse than entering into communication with a living creature, being unpainted (cats do not count). So your attempts to meet you will not please the girl, but rather confuse him. She came here not to get acquainted, but to swing the oblique muscles of the abdomen! She will already get acquainted with pumped up oblique muscles, in an elegant dress and with makeup in another, more suitable place for acquaintance.
  2. Find out her matrimonial status too late
    You spent so great the last half hour discussing the intricacies of cooking mussels in wine sauce! She listened with sympathy to the story of how the hooligans scribbled something in your car, and you promised to hire her brother, who was recently released from prison. And here is a surprise! – it turns out that she is deeply and seriously married. But nothing foreshadowed: the girl flirted with you so energetically … Next time, be careful: married girls, tired of family life, love to flirt without consequences, that is, what you don’t need at all. Therefore, try immediately, literally a couple of minutes after meeting, to find out whether the girl is in a relationship. And if she is, then how does she relate to cheating (well, you never know).
  3. Drink for courage
    The line between “a little for courage” and “let me go, I will teach you how to dance!” Is extremely thin. It always seems to you that you know your measure, but, as scandalous practice shows, nobody knows your measure. Therefore, when you are going to a club, immediately decide for yourself why you are going there: have a great time with friends or meet girls. Believe me, there is nothing more unpleasant for a girl than an obsessive type with a braided tongue, which, judging by the chaotic gestures, clearly considers himself cool and witty.
  4. Spend time with her friend
    You saw the girl of your dreams and gathered courage to approach her. And here she stands – all as beautiful and impregnable as a work of art, which for some reason ended up in a bar – and barely dignifies you with a look. But she has a friend, much less reminiscent of your dream, but very talkative. And so you, in order not to lose touch with the dream girl, enter into dialogue with her reality friend. Do not do that. Beautiful girls, accustomed to attention, are also used to arranging natural screenings for those who wish to get to know them. Be persistent and continue every second remark to address the girl you are interested in, not her friend, even if it’s easier with her.
  5. Touch her
    Even if you are convinced that nature has created a girl standing in front of you to be touched, never do this at the first acquaintance (with the second and third it is still possible, but not with the first). Breaking personal boundaries is a grave mistake. Keep a respectful distance and do not allow yourself to be patted on the shoulder, unless on your own.
  6. You speak only about yourself
    Of course, you want to immediately establish yourself with the best hand. You tell straight away how you received an office award last year for contributing to the most efficient use of the stapler, and how you learned how to spin on one leg in three years, and how you run in any weather, even in good weather, but by the way, you have and there’s a jogging selfie, now you’ll show … So. Where did the girl go? Of course, your life is bright and incredible (you know that it is boring and monotonous, but you pretend that it is bright and incredible). But if you want to like it, ask questions. Not too personal and not very often, but ask. Follow the rule “answer – question”. That is, after briefly talking about where he spent his vacation, ask the girl where she spent her vacation. It will not look intrusive and will create the impression that you are interested in its rich inner world, and not a gorgeous external body.

By Cindy
August 6, 2019

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