You only need to do this to please a girl on a first date!

This is not difficult at all, and you will make a pleasant impression. Proven by scientists!

The first date is always exciting. Especially if you met a girl not out of boredom and you really like her. I would like to make a good impression on the girl, such that she would think: “Wow, and it was precisely this man I had been waiting for my whole life to spend tonight with him!”

Of course, you can try to impress the girl, parasitizing on her hobbies. For example, if she likes classical music, make a giant bonfire made of cello for a girl. If you prefer wildflowers to roses, make a wildflowers bonfire. But all these techniques require energy (and the ability to handle matches). Fortunately, more recently, scientists from the University of Chicago have discovered a way to guarantee a girl’s first date, without making almost any effort.

According to the study, your chances of impressing a girl will increase significantly if you order the same food that she ordered. If you believe the results of the study, the similarity of culinary preferences “is especially important in new relationships in which partners know very little about each other and only form a first impression.”

Therefore, if you hear that the girl ordered Caesar salad, but “only without crackers, cheese, chicken, and dressing,” fearlessly tell the waiter, “I feel the same way,” even if your stomach tightened in fright from the prospect of meeting bare salad leaves . No time to eat steak!

By Cindy
August 5, 2019

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