New research, after which you will delete Tinder

Who of us at least once did not use the dating site? Enumerate modern dating sites can be infinite (especially if you know more than two, as in our case).

Even those of us who put themselves on the altar of a happy family life no no no look at such a site. What can we say about bachelors and fat teens who pretend to be sexy girls!

Dating sites are modern, convenient and fast. And it is also extremely dangerous – as Australian scientists found out. And the point is not that a beautiful stranger can rob you at a meeting, but that while using dating sites, your requirements for a potential partner always fall.

Researchers from Queensland University of Technology analyzed the questionnaires of 41,000 users of the most popular Australian dating site. It turned out that the users of the site act according to the principle “a bird is better in the hand than a saturday evening alone”. In other words, we are ready to sacrifice our own criteria when choosing a partner for the sake of at least some contact.

For example, you write in your profile that you want to get acquainted with “blonde with a birthmark on the left cheek.” But after your request is rejected by 10 blondes with a birthmark on the left cheek, you would rather agree to a meeting with a brunette with a birthmark on your nose, than you will continue to achieve the desired blondes with the correct birthmarks.

As a result, those who met with their partner or partner on a dating site have every chance to be near in general not with the one they were looking for initially. However, for such a case, humanity has a saying “everything that is done is all for the best.”

By Cindy
August 3, 2019

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