5 words that will make you popular on dating sites!

And these are not the words “I have a new BMW”!

It would seem that with the advent of new technologies in our life, it became more convenient to meet girls. After all, we are surrounded by many dating sites and applications that are so easy to download and so fun to use! But it is in theory. In practice, we have no more ways to get acquainted with girls, but more ways to be rejected.

After downloading the fifth dating app and making sure that your ability to play the harmonica and cello at the same time left the girls indifferent, you will inevitably have complexes. (But after all, it was with such difficulty that I got rid of them by learning to play two instruments simultaneously!)

Therefore, if you decided to get acquainted online (and not live all your life with one boring wife), try to follow the unspoken rules of popularity on such sites. For example, in the correspondence use the correct emoji. And if you despise dating sites, preferring social networks to them, do not make these 12 mistakes. But, most importantly, when describing yourself, use the right words.

If now you exclaimed “What are these words ?!”, waking up the crying colleagues with your cry, calm down. Everything’s under control. A popular British dating site has surveyed 12,000 of its registered users. The purpose of the survey was to find out what words make men popular on dating sites.

That is, yes, it turns out, your success on dating sites directly depends on what words you use in the column “about yourself”, and not at all from a photo on the background of someone else’s clever motorcycle!

So, the site researchers named five fatal words.

Optimist – increases the popularity of women by 39%.

Friendly – a man is 44% more popular in the eyes of girls.

Spontaneous – the success of users of dating site increases by 45%.

Perceptive – girls treat such as much as 51% better than non-perceptive. Or perceptive, but forgotten to indicate this in your profile.

And finally, a record 96% of your success with girls from dating sites will increase the words … in good physical shape!

As you can see, in the modern cynical world, the soul has less success than the press. One can only hope that dragging the cello from place to place helps you stay in good physical shape.

By Cindy
August 2, 2019

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