3 sexiest words you can say to a woman who undressed in front of you for the first time

And I’m not talking about the situation when you mistakenly entered the women’s locker room.

Let’s skip joint trips to restaurants, cinema, correspondence – no matter how long this period lasted, three months or three hours – and turn right to the blessed moment when you find yourself in the bedroom. To have sex. (Although, given the current realities, I would recommend that you enlist the girl’s notarized consent for intimacy.) And the girl undresses.

Here it is. That very moment. Here it is important for you not to freeze nonsense. By nonsense, I mean something like: “Wow, it’s cool, but in the down jacket you looked fatter!” This girl will not forgive you, even if your relationship lasts for many years.

So, at the moment when the girl first undressed in front of you, stick to these three words. Be sure, these are the sexiest words you can say to the naked woman you see for the first time. (Guaranteed by a naked woman, that is, by me.)

In no case do I urge you to confess her love, especially if you do not feel this love. Even if you feel, think ten times before taking on such a verbal responsibility. But to talk about how you love certain parts of her body, you can not only, but also need. So declare: “How I love your chest,” “It seems I love your legs,” “Well, don’t be shy, I love your extra toe.”

The shortest word expressing unconditional and categorical approval. Just what the woman who first undressed in front of the man wants to hear. And do not forget to supply your “yes” with delighted intonations.

Sexual satisfaction in girls has a narcissistic character: it is important for her to know that you are now with her, and not with your ex or someone else there. Therefore, be sure to say the name of the girl, preferably even several times. And leave the “bunny” and the “crumbs” for the time when you will both be dressed.

By Cindy
August 1, 2019

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