Girls with ugly guys are happier, scientists say

New research has shown that the external unattractiveness of a partner has one big plus for relationships.
A study by the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida confirmed what you have long felt intuitively: yes, you deserve a much more attractive girl than yourself. Moreover, only such a girl you make happy. And the thing is this.

Scientists from Florida, led by Dr. Tanya Reynolds, analyzed personal data from more than 200 newlyweds aged 20 years. The questions of the questionnaire related mainly to the eating habits of the respondents, their daily self-care procedures and their overall attitude to their appearance.

The results returned faith in a bright future even to the most unattractive inhabitants of the University of Florida.

It turned out that those women who considered their husbands more attractive were constantly dissatisfied with their own appearance. They sat on diets and exhausted their bodies fitness classes, if only to match their more attractive husband. They were also constantly tormented by the fear that this more attractive husband would meet someone more attractive (apparently, in the queue for a low-calorie smoothie).

At the same time, those women who were more attractive than their husbands felt absolutely happy. They did not torture themselves with sports and diets and did not worry that their unsympathetic husband would give a fight (who needs him with three ears?). That is, they were enjoying their stable relations and their high self-esteem.

So, when next time you meet on the street an incredible beauty next to an ordinary type, do not be surprised. (For your happiness, I wish you to be this ordinary type.)

By Cindy
July 31, 2019

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