5 reasons why you are most likely to divorce (opinion of science and statistics)

Here are the most common factors that can speed up a divorce.

  • Your girlfriend had less than three partners

Scientists from the University of Utah found out that girls who had fewer than three partners before the wedding were divorced more often than more experienced peers. Apparently, this is due to the fact that the woman who has passed through a greater number of relationships understands better which kind of man suits her husband role. And less experienced ones often rely only on love, which is not always durable.

  • Someone from your environment divorces

According to research by University of Washington scientists, couples whose friends are in a state of divorce start thinking about divorce themselves. First, divorce no longer seems to be something taboo and forbidden, especially if divorced friends got out of it alive. In addition, the courage of friends who have decided to take such a step inspires to think whether you are so happy in your marriage.

  • One of you honestly confessed to treason

On the one hand, honesty is beautiful. On the other – it can destroy even the strongest marriage. Especially if this honesty is not the order “Honey, I ate your diet bars with chocolate, not a cat”, but the size “Honey, I accidentally changed you on a business trip, and now I am ashamed and unpleasant, and I want to repent.” Even if the wife generously forgives you (which happens, what is there, infrequently), betrayal for a long time, about fifty years, will be a gloomy cloud hanging over the bright beach of your marriage.

  • Routine and planned housework

Norwegian scientists have come to curious conclusions: it turns out that clear and strict rules in the family are a popular cause of divorce. This includes the cleaning schedule, watering the cat, mending flowers, and so on. A strict schedule deprives the relationship of freshness, and people feel like the second job, where you need to stick to the plan. So be creative! Change your responsibilities! Let her cook dinner tonight, and you play with the cat.

  • Mismatch of work schedules

Scholars in the sociology department at Harvard University are wasting their time. For example, they recently studied relationships in more than 6 thousand pairs, the age of partners in which ranged from 18 to 55 years. It turned out that if the partners do not have a working schedule, then their relationship is more intense. This is due to the fact that there is very little time for communication and joint activities. So the closer your work schedules, the more chances you have for a happy family life.

By Cindy
July 28, 2019

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