The parameters by which girls choose partners on dating sites

Among other things, there is good news for the well-fed.

A recent study by sociologists from the University of Michigan and published in the journal Materials of the National Academy of Sciences, shed a new, even brighter light on such a common phenomenon in the modern world as online dating.

What to hide, many of us now meet on the Internet. Someone carries more, and he finds an adventure for one night; someone less and he marries. Anyway, everyone wants the profile on the dating site to be like the girls sitting there. As it turned out, there are quite specific prerequisites for this.

Researchers have chosen questionnaires of 1855 people sitting on a popular dating site, and analyzed their likes and dislikes. And that’s what turned out.

20-year-old girls would prefer to respond to a message from their peers or men a couple of years older, but online signs of attention from a 30-year-old will most likely be ignored. In general, women are 400 times less (!) Pay attention to the profiles of men who are much older than them.

However, with age, these statistics are slightly corrected: 45-year-old women with a probability of 10% more will pay attention to the page of a man who is older than 55 years old than on the profile of his age.

The presence of a photo, by the way, was decisive: the majority ignored a user profile without a photo. And if the photo was, but on it the Web user was holding a cigarette, his chances of success were sharply reduced (bear in mind).

Couples in which the growth of a potential partner was about 17 centimeters higher than that of a potential partner showed the greatest activity towards each other. Girls are 10 times more likely to respond positively to the signs of attention of a tall man.

While short men did not even try to make acquaintance with tall girls – according to researchers, because of the fear of rejection (the women participating in the study chose the questionnaires of men taller than their height).

Now, about the extra weight. Good news! If men basically ignored the pages of full girls, then girls, on the contrary, did not distinguish between athletic folded users and those who clearly would not hurt to lose weight.

By Cindy
July 25, 2019

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