Scientists figured out why women like men with bad habits

Not only figured out, but also told how to use it for your own benefit!

Women have always been attracted to men with a hint of depravity (or even with this very depravity). That is why losers, hooligans, DJs and other dubious personalities are so popular. Scientists, who, of course, are offended by such injustice, had to spend many hours for calculations. And the result is a study in which scientists explained (first of all to themselves) the reason for the attractiveness of the “bad guys” for the female.

Scientists undertook to find out why, despite the obvious and significant damage to the health that alcohol and smoking carry to the human body, these bad habits are still so popular.

And here’s why: this is part of the so-called “mating strategy”. Men with cigarettes and alcohol seem more attractive to women. Sex appeal is related to how “risky” a man looks, the lead expert said.

When choosing a long-term and short-term partner, women are guided by different principles. And men have to be competitive in both areas, well, if they want to multiply, of course. As a long-term partner, women consider a man who can protect and raise her children. In this sense, physically strong men are also listed, as well as men with resources.

In the case of a partner for short-term communication, women prefer attractive men. Risky behavior of a woman is “dangerous” and “exciting”. (I didn’t think of it myself, but gathered a consultation from my girlfriends)

Smoking and drinking alcohol is associated with a health hazard, so a man with bad habits subconsciously seems to women to be at risk. Scientists showed participants of the experiment photos of various men. And what do you think? Those who were photographed with cigarettes or alcohol, women were noted as the most attractive.

The study involved 239 women from 17 to 30 years. In addition to photographs, they studied men’s questionnaires, where, among other things, were related to alcohol and smoking. Those with whom it was positive, women were singled out as “sexually open.” It was their choice of candidates for casual sex without obligation.

By Cindy
July 24, 2019

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