Trend of the day: men share feelings that they have when they pay for a girl in a restaurant

So, from where psychologist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross wrote off her five stages of grief!

Life throws up situations for every man that we, following your chemistry textbook and psychoanalyst, call “litmus papers”. By the way you get out of them, with honor on a shield or a corpse in your pocket, you can judge what you are: can I take you on reconnaissance, or it’s better not to meddle with you on vegetables.

And one of these situations, which I would consider to be one of the most revealing and difficult ones, is to pay in a restaurant, cafe, zoo, crematorium, etc., not only for my dear self, but also for my companion. Twitter user – a girl, and also a model – launched on Twitter a trend asking men to talk about the feelings that they experience, paying for catering for two.

“A question for men.
What feelings do you have when paying a bill for two in a restaurant / cafe / cinema? Answer honestly, very interesting) “

But the most interesting answers. Interestingly, the girls also described their feelings.

“If in McDonalds, the feeling of hunger. Because before the meal. If in a cafe or restaurant, etc. usually a feeling of fullness, because after eating. So kind of “

“You have to pay for her this time too. My wife is a native person for me. ”

“I don’t buy her a car, after all.”

“What do I spend on? Could after all for something useful. And then wake up. “

“Some kind of aggression and teeth creak”

“I feel bipolar disorder”

“Nothing. I generally stopped feeling for a long time. ”

“The feeling that I should also do something for him. This is called so”

“Usually none, but of course it depends on the amount of the invoice. If he is big, then acceptance and humility). As a student, I experienced this more often). It is unpleasant when some girl still has a testament to her friends and you have to pay for them, and you planned to stay together. ”

“Oh, that is, you need to experience more feelings here? Well, light vibration on the body from the incoming SMS about the withdrawal of funds) “

“I enjoy)) After all, I want and I can. And slightly annoying bidding, like let me pay half. I like restaurants in which there is a guest menu without prices. Then they choose not by price, but by what they want. ”

“I think that it is necessary to keep the check in order to figure out who owes what to whom”

“When I paid for a peasant for a year, I thought,“ What a cool I am, ”and then, when they paid me, I thought,“ What ain’t I, ” But here I am not a man, it is interesting to read.”

“I caught myself thinking that, having lived to 27 years old, I still feel uneasy when someone else pays for me. But if a man wants, I do not mind, but inside there are always mixed feelings. ”

“And I feel bad when a man pays for me, well, if it’s not a friend, but with a friend, ok, once he feeds, once I do. And straight cool. And with the men difficult. I’m really nervous about the bill. But gifts are ok. ”

“I pay when I have a real desire, my own. And if a girl even hints that I pay, then I won’t do it as a matter of principle. ”

“The main thing is not for her and her boyfriend) It’s okay, I don’t drive to expensive restaurants for the first date anyway. And then it becomes clear. In general, these social experiments do not hit hard on the budget, I am calm) “

“I feel like a really good boy)))))”

By Cindy
July 23, 2019

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