Scientists have found a connection between the number of partners before marriage and the likelihood of divorce

It’s not like you thought!

Despite the fact that virginity is no longer a necessary dowry, which a woman should provide, marrying, as it was a hundred years ago, men prefer that a woman not only answer the same question “You are my second, darling”, but could confirm this with a lie detector.

It flatters your vanity, besides there is an inexplicable confidence that such a woman will not flirt with your friends and can be left alone with the plumber who came to repair the faucet without fear.

So, imagine, the scientists decided to check whether this is the case. Studies conducted at the University of Utah (USA) have shown that there is indeed a connection between the number of premarital partners of a woman and the probability of divorce. But the situation is not at all the way you most likely thought. It turned out that the highest probability of a divorce is for women who had one partner before the wedding.

A professor from the University of Utah and a professor at the University’s Department of Sociology, surveyed 10,000 women and made a graph, where on the X axis is the number of partners, and on the Y axis is the number of divorces.

It turned out that the number of divorces in women with one partner is as high as 30%.

In general, the table looks like this:

1 partner – 30%
2 partners – 14%
3 partners – 11%
4-5 partners – 18%
6-9 partners – 14%
From 10 partners and above – 18%
Unfortunately, scientists have not given a clear explanation for this phenomenon, except for the rather obvious that women compare a husband with her ex. So, when the next time you hear the sacramental “You are my second,” be careful!

By Cindy
July 17, 2019

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