List of professions whose representatives cheat more often

The baker, as you know, smells like dough and baking, and the representatives of these professions like strangers’ cologne and hotels for an hour!

If I were Russian classics, I would start this article with something in the spirit of “All happy couples are happy in the same way …”, and then I would have a long time to sue Tolstoy’s descendants. So I will say easier. Cheating in relationships is a rather popular thing. So much so that scientists devote more and more research to them in order to understand the etymology and methodology of this phenomenon.

Not so long ago, they proved that the propensity for adultery correlates with the sphere of activity. And then came the new study. And not from anyone, but from experts in the business of adultery – a dating site for married people.

The study involved 1074 people. That is how many visitors to the site filled out anonymous questionnaires, where they told about their professions. On the basis of this, the site’s experts have compiled two ratings, where they identified the most popular professions among men and women who cheat on their official partners.

12th place – politics.
11th place – art and entertainment workers: artists, designers, musicians, etc.
10th place – lawyers.
9th place – sales managers, especially in the areas of construction and plumbing.
8th place – PR and marketing specialists.
7th place – IT-specialists.
6th place – retail workers and hotel business representatives.
5th place – social workers.
4th place – representatives of finance, accountants.
3rd place – private entrepreneurs.
2nd place – experts in the field of education: teachers, teachers.
1st place – doctors, nurses. 23% of those who participated in the survey worked in the field of medicine.

The director of the communications department of this dating site believes that such a large number of wrong representatives of the healthcare sector can be explained by the fact that their work is associated with constant stress. And extramarital pleasures – a way to relax.

12th place – social workers.
11th place – farmers.
10th place – workers from the arts and entertainment, designers, artists, musicians.
9th place – professors, teachers.
8th place – lawyers.
7th place – doctors.
6th place – PR-and marketing specialists.
5th place – financiers.
4th place – sellers.
3rd place – private entrepreneurs.
2nd place – IT-specialists.
1st place – players on the stock exchange.

“Oh, statistics, you are merciless!” – I can only add and advise you, the reader, to read the article “How to prevent betrayal.”

By Cindy
July 15, 2019

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