These are the messengers most often used by those who cheat!

Immediately delete them from your smartphone, until she guessed about anything!

Gone are the glorious times when, in order to date a blacksmith’s wife or, conversely, the wife of the nabob, adulterers had to equip a fast walker, throw a mail pigeon into the hollow or send their husbands to war somewhere in the Arctic Circle, and women the window is six green irons or the head of the faithful. With the advent of the era of smartphones, everything became much simpler and much less bloody, but there is no former romanticism either!

A popular British dating portal for married and married decided to bring some inspiration and statistics.
He asked himself: what kind of messengers are most often used by modern traitors? The portal surveyed 2000 of its incorrect users, and this is what happened:

  1. Kik – 28%
  2. Snapchat – 23%
  3. Facebook – 18%
  4. WhatsApp – 10%
    The rest (21%), one must think, is still sending irons.

How did you never hear about Kik ?! Honestly, me too. What proves: innocent, your honor. Meanwhile, 300 million users have already been registered in this application! No wonder, given the fact that the application is extremely popular among young people in the United States (I hope they use it innocently to exchange physics spurs and ditties about mathematics, although, judging by the news, I’m too naive).

By Cindy
July 12, 2019

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