10 principles of ethical promiscuity (another 6)


Practice safe sex

Use the same method of contraception with all girls. Differentiated approach is inappropriate here. From the one who will share the pillow with you – an accidental acquaintance that you seduced with the help of three jokes and five “Sexes on the Beach”, or a girl who took you to museums and libraries for a month before allowing herself to be kissed – the degree of risk does not change . As a gentleman, you must pay for the wholesale purchase of rubber products. Even if the partner claims that she drinks hormonal contraceptives, this is not a reason to relax. Unwanted pregnancy, of course, will be an excellent reason for you to meet again and again, however, the relationship can be continued perfectly well without such drama. Do not lose vigilance.


Make a date diary

Imagine that you are the owner of a valuable, but very extensive collection. For negligence not to lose any particularly rare instance, it makes sense to make a catalog where your knowledge about girls will be systematized.


Use any means of seduction, except a declaration of love.

The word “love”, said aloud, and any derivative of it means that your non-binding relations with it go into the category of relations that require you to know the size of her ring finger. Be alert: a provocation is possible from the girl’s side. History knew examples when a woman cynically soldered a partner, and in the midst of sex, demanded confessions from him. You may not remember that you were weaving in a fit of drunken nobility, and girls, don’t even hesitate, don’t forget that. If she dares to remind you of it the next morning, agree on the Constitution, which denies the authenticity of testimony obtained through torture or blackmail.


Avoid open jealousy

Suppose you meet a girl by chance, being in company with another young lady, and she, in turn, will also be with a cavalier. There are two ethical scenarios here. Either you pretend to be strangers, or you greet each other in neutral-friendly intonations. If sometime this episode is put up for discussion, refrain from commenting on her companion (even if this Chinese fake Brad Pitt objectively deserves them) and do not go into details about the person of his companion.


Minimize contact with parents

If you have established yourself as a “good guy” (for example, he blurted out that in childhood he made birdhouses and walked pensioners), a girl may well ask you to help her family in a friendly way. In the case of real force majeure, you can even meet her, but it is in your best interest to avoid regular contact with the girl’s parents (after all, specially trained people or her “former” should be engaged in assembling cabinets and transporting the mother to the country club). Even if they introduce you as just a friend, your candidacy will be discussed with passion on family councils. And let the episode earlier girl estimated your union with her surprisingly adequately, after the parent brainwashing and she can visit the idea of ​​the notorious glass of water that you will probably need sometime. Perhaps the most unpleasant thing that can happen is the unexpected visit of her mother. So unexpected that even a towel wrapped around her hips cannot hide your obvious interest in her daughter. That is why for close companionship, you should use either neutral territory or your own apartment. No wonder you spent money on an air mattress, a complete collection of the Romantic Collection and a bottle of Beilis.


Respect the privacy of a girl, even if you have no place in her

In the unequal battle of nature with progress, as a rule, the victory remains for nature. When a girl starts ticking her biological clock loudly and reacts with violent sobs to advertising diapers, it’s time for her to go in search of the father of her future children. After the appearance of a candidate for the Permanent Guy role on the stage, your further communication with the girl should be stopped. It is better to take up the hard work of parting at the moment when a new candidate for your place will loom on its horizon, and this should take place in an asexual friendly manner. However, and you have something to console. Within a month after the Permanent Guy takes over, you have two or three dates to say goodbye, in human terms. Try to hold these summits and lead the girl to a new life with the words: “Yes, dear, you were the best!” (At least, on your legal Wednesday.)

By Cindy
July 10, 2019

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