10 principles of ethical promiscuity (now 4 of them)

Become a principled guy – and the girls will reach for you.

Only 10 principles, and what tempting horizons!

Perhaps you have not yet parted with the hope of finding a girl, from whose hands it would be pleasant for you to take a glass of water in your old age. However, as long as the necessary candidate is not connected with you by matrimonial ties, three children and plans for a vacation, nothing prevents you from living for your pleasure. In a scientific way, such a lifestyle is called promiscuity.

However, the girls on this subject have their own, to put it mildly, anti-scientific formulations. For most of them, it seems that a man who needs more than one woman to be happy is a morally degrading element, a womanizer and then obscene.

Do not think that this article was paid for by the society of militant virgins, but the girls have reasons to be offended and come up with offensive nicknames for you. So they are arranged: naked sex without any hint of gentlemanly appeal for some reason they are not interested. And if you did not call in time, they will find a million excuses not to be led by their own instincts.

I suggest you bury the hatchet of the war between the sexes and approach the issue of polygamy from the standpoint of ethics. I formulated 10 principles of the Code of Ethical Promiscuity.


Choose girls who are not looking for a serious relationship.

On average, you carry one and a half kilograms of brains in your head – it’s a sin not to use such wealth when choosing the right partner, that is, one that will not wear a veil on the first date. The most valuable copies can be: careerists (once a week “for health”), bored wives (the old husband is tired, and starting a new one), tourists who came to your city in terms of cultural architecture (this is sacred), party girls ( the other is not trained). But with whom it is too risky to contact: girls up to eighteen (let someone else convince them that all men are the same), newlyweds (remorse of conscience is unpredictable) and women over thirty, not married and not having children (for them each like a swan song).


Do not get acquainted too closely with girlfriends, relatives, colleagues of girls.

In order not to turn your life into a Mexican series, where there are fifteen and a half novels for five heroes, try not to start a relationship with your girls’ sisters, mothers, girlfriends and colleagues, no matter how much you want (perhaps even to both parties). It’s good to work well in the dash, and in sex you should follow the rules of exogamy – look for a new partner as far as possible from the previous one. By the way, the concept of a statute of limitations does not work here either. If after some time, by mutual consent, you stop meeting a girl on the same bed, do not rush to recall the phone numbers of her girlfriends. Since you have a light relationship, she is ashamed to roll jealousy scenes to you with a cry: “I won’t give it up!” And spoil her girlfriend’s hair, but she can be very upset. Because, no matter how wonderful you said goodbye, she still put the “My!” stamp on you. And to observe how you are shamelessly happy with the other, she will actually be hurt and offended.


Avoid direct answers to questions about the degree of employment of your heart and the pages in your passport.

Were you taught in childhood that the best thing is to always tell the truth? So, your parents lied. The best thing is not to give rise to insults or conflicts. A girl may guess that besides her you meet with someone else, but this does not mean that one day she will not want to ask about it directly. As an honest person, you, of course, can admit that for even account you lack two more girlfriends. But, believe me, this is not the best way to add fuel to the fire of your passion. Your task is to gracefully get away from the answer without naming specific names, passwords and appearances. The same goes for philosophical conversations on the subject of family and marriage, which girls love to devote so much while you are both dressed. The phrase: “We are unlikely to live together happily ever after, but this does not prevent us from plunging into the depths of depravity” – not exactly what she wants to hear from you now. In the end, not for honesty, we love you.


Talk with girls not only in bed.

Let both of you are adults, and you understand that long heart-to-heart talk is a waste of time, you cannot do without talking. For most girls, everything that happens before and after is no less important than the number of orgasms received. And all because from childhood they are brought up with the thought that sex is the favorite entertainment of men, and the young ladies from it are in total trouble. Consequently, if you perceive her only as a sexual object, this once again proves what she is all from a fallen woman. Her desire to go to the theater with you at least once before you find yourself in bed is nothing but an attempt to avoid the pangs of conscience. In a word, in order for the girl to give free rein to her instincts, give her the opportunity at first to wave in front of your shocked nose with her cultural and educational baggage. Inquiring whether she loves Brahms and what her opinion is on the issue of dispersing opposition marches, you can assume that you have already completed the basic program on preliminary caresses.

By Cindy
July 9, 2019

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