How and when a girl realizes that you are “all serious” with her

Of course, you know that girls do not feed chocolate, let me just dot the appropriate letters. This is especially true of relations, where any understatement is interpreted by us in favor of a large and bright feeling. So that you are not so scared right away, I note that the scale of our desire to get a stamp in the passport, and your husbands is greatly exaggerated. Although, of course, this does not mean at all that we are ready to spend our best months on “just meeting”.

So, the signal “Client matured” sounds when you …


Well, “discussing” is, of course, loudly said. Rather, it’s already the third hour when you talk in monologue mode and swear by scary words like “gasoline pump” and “acceptance”, and we look at you carefully, periodically we nod and wonder if those shoes will fit that amazing skirt.
Moreover, each of us understands that I do not understand anything and, moreover, I don’t even try to enter the topic. Admit it, such episodes are the best argument for the fact that we, two, are capable of coexistence. After all, you will always have the opportunity to talk with an intelligent person, and I will have to spend the evening with you, without spending the rest of your strength on languid glances.


In the literal sense: you go to bed and fall asleep. And you are not drunk and not impotent (forgive me for using the word taboo). Actually, sometimes it is so useful sometimes to sleep with each other, in the sense – together and hugging. If you believe the women’s explanatory dictionary, it is this (and not two hours of dizzying sex marathon) that is the real intimacy. Yes, an important nuance. In no case do not forget in the near future to have sex with me, so that I suddenly did not think that you lost interest in me.


“I had lunch”, “I am going to a meeting”, “Damn, it started to rain” – text messages, which in form and content are more like a news bulletin than romantic correspondence, mean for us much more than “love-want-go”.

First, it makes us calm. That is, I understand that you are full and in business, which means that you can, without fidgeting, sit on a manicure or stand in a traffic jam a couple of kilometers from you.
Secondly, this means that I, in the terminology of the film “Meet the Fockers”, “am in your circle of trust”. You report to me (and do not argue, you report!), As you almost like to your wife or mother. And this is a serious bid to win.


Suppose you are calling from a store, desperate to figure out which tool is more effective in fighting microbes. That is, you are showing affectionate household helplessness. Oh, how it is right and masculine – not to take on our fragile shoulders the solution of global questions of the format “Who is to blame?”, “What should be done?” And “Will the Dow Johns index fall?”, But ask for help in the little things.

I do not know who taught you so cunning tactical course (although we probably also taught), but this is it. So it is very easy for me to believe that you will disappear without me. There is no pathos and strain – they say, “God, I can not live without it!”, But much simpler and more obvious.


Or any other noisy and stupid movie. As you know, girls love (or pretend to love) intellectuals, and guys – chases with shootouts, and there seems to be no consensus on this issue between the sexes.

Do not ask me where the logic is here, but your proposal will seem to us not mocking, but eloquently courageous. The conclusion is obvious: if we are destined to get together for one bucket of popcorn, it is only for great love. As the saying goes, and in grief, and in joy, and on “Die Hard.” Amen.


It’s not about when a young lady laughs, throws her legs on the leg a la Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct” and demands that she be immediately splashed into a glass of witchcraft. This girl is a sin not to love.

It’s another thing if I got drunk on my own, and now I whine miserably into the phone and ask me to take it home. That’s when you: a) do not ask stupid questions, where I am now and whose house I mean; b) you arrive earlier than I fall asleep in the most unsuitable place and position for this; c) you do not read lectures on the topic of female alcoholism and do not attempt to have sex with my immobilized body – then you and I are really all serious.


No wonder they say that true love is when two people are silent, not feeling embarrassment like the one that happened with Uma Thurman with John Travolta. Again, breakfast is a very intimate thing. If we are able to combine both items and not feel like idiots, then we really are together.


That is, do not tear your hair with shouts: “Baby, what happened ?!” If it happened, long ago. Namely, at the very moment when I was brought to birth by a girl with all the ensuing consequences – literally – from this. Including tears, which tend to pour without a special reason.
You do not understand, but sometimes it is so nice to cry, they say, about everything. At such moments it is useless to appeal to our reason and conscience, to unsolder valerian or to call names “hysterical.” We just need to hug and quietly kiss somewhere. And only two categories of men are capable of this: cinematographic heroes and really loving guys.

By Cindy
July 8, 2019

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