Guide to the left. How to save a wife, lover, nerves and torments of conscience

And now I will tell you how to meet various women in front of my wife so that she won’t say a word!

If you already have a acting lover, congratulations: the most difficult thing is over!

In modern society, a woman more often plays the role of a greedy capitalist shark, with which everything is bad and unequivocal with the perception of adultery. Believe me, for your wife, your betrayal is even worse than seeing a mouse at the same time, tearing tights and piercing a wheel on a winter night on a deserted road. So I do not condone you. I just bring the element of the game of intelligence into the adultery: I will teach you the rules of conspiracy and vigilance, and then you will not tell where it is when you get caught in spyware.

And we will start with the locations of your secret operations.


If this is your common apartment, then first of all draw an emergency evacuation plan from there if your blessed person appears and hang up on the most prominent place (ask your wife where this place is in your house). Smiled? That’s right, a good mood before reading the unpleasant truth is a guarantee of health. And the truth is this: the lover and the family apartment are incompatible things, just like genius, villainy, and socks with sandals. By the way, this also applies to the apartment of a mistress, if she is also married. Even if you yourself do not mind experiencing the thrill of following the example of lovers hiding in cabinets outside the window – take care at least of women. They do not need these feelings.

Controversial advice #1

For the sake of laughter, you can still inspect the house for secluded places that accommodate a person.

The main sign of a good cache: it is easy to leave, but it is difficult (including physically) to detect. A storage room with a jammed door and a double-bottom bed will do. Needless to say that it is necessary to keep there living evidence only with her consent and for a very short time – while you distract your wife, taking her out of the house or isolating her in the bathroom.

On the day of sin neutralize neighbors and concierge. It is not necessary to kill them – it is enough that you and your mistress are not seen together. If it is so flawed that it cannot get to your apartment without having exchanged you on the way to the sailors in the port, bring it to your apartment, hand over the keys and send it upstairs. Linger yourself on the pretext of, say, parking and, after waiting, get up after it.

Controversial advice #2

Use a legend that will help explain any evidence, even the most unrevealed by you.

You should always have some friend with housing problems at your ready: a great-nephew-student, a restless friend from a creative environment, a school friend to whom you owe life-saving. Ideally, this should be a character whose existence your wife does not doubt, but who is not familiar with her personally (then you will not have to warn him about participating in your alibi). In advance, before any dubious discovery, tell your beloved tragic story of life and love of a friend who came to you with his new girlfriend. The presence of a female individual belonging to someone else in the house will work well in advance and will be a wonderful excuse if your woman finds clues in your home. “In advance” is the key word here. It’s a losing strategy to babble something unintelligible about a girlfriend at the time of stocking detection.


Not every lover is ready for such a feat. In the car, of course, much safer than at home. But here you need to be alert. As usual, little things can tell your spouse about your infidelity: cigarette butts with traces of lipstick, someone else’s garbage in the form of checks, movie tickets or candy packages that you have not eaten with your family because of allergies. For reasons of practicality, you can get yourself a bald lover, so as not to leave hair on every square centimeter of space, or a car vacuum cleaner.

Also try to avoid the temptation to hide in the car what is strictly forbidden to bring home: love letters, pigeons that brought these messages, dried flowers, a secret erotic diary, wonderful home porn, in the credits of which the wife does not appear, your don Juan list, bear, donated Valentine’s Day and other cute things. As a temporary storage machine (especially the space under the hood) is still here and there, but sooner or later your secrets may be revealed. And in general, the best base for one-time romantic promiseness remained unchanged – a rented apartment or a hotel with hourly rates.


Further developments suggest not one meeting with his mistress, which you brilliantly accomplished with my help, but regular sex. It already requires skills and aerobatics. The most difficult thing is to keep a woman on a long leash: not to allow a rapprochement (no matter how much you want to), do not allow her to claim any free time of yours.

For security reasons, it is better to have a girlfriend in another city – not too far away, so that you can get there by car, but not too close to the subway, and calls to mobile tariffs are more expensive. If you are not ready to drive around, just remember: none of your friends, including your wife, should meet on your way to the apartment. Therefore, a place for adultery choose a remote and atypical for you. For the sake of sex, you can sacrifice the habit of living in apartments overlooking the river: suspecting you of infidelity, the wife will search them first thing.

By the way, apartments should be changed more often, as well as passwords, restaurants, cinemas and clubs, where you are in an illegal composition. Do you understand what kind of tension and tricks should be the norm for you?

We will continue soon!

By Cindy
July 6, 2019

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