Who do they cheat with more often – with friends, neighbors or strangers? Penetrating research

The next time you decide to commit adultery, remember: she can enter the annals of statistics.

No matter how frustrated hypocrites are and puffers are hypocrites, betrayal was and remains an important part of the relationship. A rare couple goes through years of marriage, never stumbling on the rocky road of monogamy. Of course, there are exceptions, but now it’s not about them. Now about cheating.

Despite the fact that the object of treason was studied almost as well as the pyramid of Cheops, until recently there were unknown spots on treason. One of them concerned people involved in treason. But it seems that this stain has also been erased. Recently, the results of a study on who we prefer to change (if we dare to change).

The sample of the research is truly magnificent: it is the data of 13,030 Americans who were collected from 2000 to 2016. At the same time, researchers were not interested in all these 13,000, but those who, being married or in a relationship, cheated on their partner / partner or spouse. The questioned were asked: with whom exactly did you change? The choice they were offered several options: a close friend; a neighbor, colleague or old acquaintance; casual acquaintance; the person you paid for sex; another variant.

I will not torment you. The majority of respondents, more precisely, 53.5% answered “a close friend”. Yes, it turned out that even in search of forbidden pleasures and moral and ethical torments, most people are lazy and cumbersome and prefer not to leave the comfort zone. The second place in terms of popularity among traitors is the option “neighbor, colleague or old acquaintance” – this answer was given by 29.4% of respondents. Only 21% decided on treason with a casual acquaintance. And only 7.9% of respondents agreed to pay for their fall.

In general, you don’t like correctly when Collins comes to dinner with you and your wife. (Not to mention that he eats your supplement.)

By Cindy
July 5, 2019

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