The survey revealed the most secret secrets that women hide from men

A study ripping the chains off the covers of this bottomless world of mysterious creatures in crinolines on bare studs.

Let’s be honest and uncompromising: women are angelic lucky. For you, men, people are direct, open, not inclined to palace coups, and you have all the secrets – a stash in a tank and a sauna, recorded in your phone as “Brody Meeting”. Whether business ladies. All the secrets of space, ocean and molecular physics turn pale and shallow against the background of secrets, swarming in the depths of female minds. A timid veil over this case dared to lift the British experts.

The popular spa network there conducted an innovative study: 1500 volunteers told about the most intimate secrets that they had hidden from their partner.
It turned out that the average woman harbors at least three secrets.
• 17% never split into life, how much it actually spends on clothes
• 14% keeps its weight behind its teeth
• 13% will die and not tell how many lovers she had
• 12% keep true expenses on cosmetics in the depths of conscience
• 10% prefer not to spread, which removes facial hair
• 8% keep secret that depilation toes
• 6% secretly hates mother in law
• 5% keep silence that she has a secret passion
• 4% will lie down with bones, but it is not recognized that they are sneaking in with the former
• 2% only through your corpse will tell: yes, it bleaches the fluff over the upper lip

Well, the secrets of the little things: spying on the former in social networks, hatred of the mother and friends of her husband, salary, etc.
Three-quarters of survey participants believe that this, to put it mildly, secrecy helps them maintain healthy relationships in a couple.

65% are sure: there are things that their man “just should not know,” 9% admitted that they just love secrets. And in general, 70% agree that the secret and outright lies are two big differences.

By Cindy
July 4, 2019

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