How to become monogamous

In the culture there are two main plots: someone has changed someone and someone has not changed someone, but hesitated. That is, a person is by nature not monogamous, even when he wants to be so. However, there are techniques with which you can incline yourself to monogamy, at least for a while.

It is a hormone that makes a person addicted and sedentary. The rat does exactly, well, like a man too. Research is still underway. Oxytocin grows from tactile contact – it means that it is necessary to touch the girl more often. And look into the eyes longer. Her oxytocin, too, will rise, and the attachment will intensify mutually. Unless, of course, this is a familiar girl.

It is believed that care causes love in return. But in fact, it causes love just to the one who cares. Not even love, but attachment to their investments: when I spent a lot of effort on something, it is difficult to refuse. If you want to attach to the girl more – take care of her more.

There is a famous test by Dr. Aron: two people of different sexes answer each other 36 intimate questions on the standard list and look their eyes in the eyes for 4 minutes. As a result, mutual sympathy usually appears, you can even fall in love. Because for the ancient firmware in the brain, trust someone means that it is a close member of the pack. And the more you tell your friend about yourself, the stronger your feelings for her.

By Cindy
July 3, 2019

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