4 ways to become popular with women without doing anything

All that is required of you is nothing!
Usually I feverishly advise how to behave and what color of jabot to wear to please this or that girl. But today I will talk about four factors, thanks to which you can attract women without actually doing anything! And so what to do with this sympathy, decide for yourself.


We always thought that sweat was invented by corporations selling deodorants, because this is logical. It turns out that sweat has very specific tasks. He conveys to females (in society it is customary to respectfully call women) your individual smell (in science it is customary to respectfully call them pheromones) so that they decide at an animal level whether you are suitable for breeding.

After each use of the stapler, if you run into the shower, you will wash all your pheromones to hell. And that means that the females around you will not be able to determine whether you are suitable for anything else other than working with a stapler.

The more you sweat, the more vigorously you spread information about yourself and attract neighboring females. It’s like a dating site, but for free.

Look like her father

Father – the first man who appears in the life of a girl. (If, of course, immediately after her conception, he did not run away with a stray dolphinarium.) Of course, as a teenager, she rises against his power – for example, against the ban on wearing mini-skirts after midnight in dark squares. But unconsciously, the girl will have an appetite for a man who most reminds her of her father. And it may well be that you turn out to be such a man.

Be ordinary

The mediocrity, oddly enough, attracts. At a certain age, each person develops an understanding of what is “normal” from a physiological point of view. Moreover, it is formed on the basis of people met in the course of life. Therefore, your task is to be as normal as possible. You’ll see, the girls will play enough with their tattooed rockers and rush into your usual arms to look for the usual consolation.

Get in sight of a girl with ovulation

We will not go into the details of the female reproductive system. Let me just say that at the time of ovulation, the hormones of the girl get out of control and begin to whisper various scabrous tips to her. For example, it is recommended to seduce the maximum number of males and see what happens (“Come on, come on, well, I wonder!”). And whatever the prim graduate of the conservatory is a girl, even she listens to hormones.

Therefore, girls in the period of ovulation – usually a few days in the middle of the cycle – are particularly susceptible to male charm. Why are there! Pads even in the absence of male charm! And all that is required of you in this case is to be nearby.

By Cindy
July 2, 2019

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