Going to the left … The most popular myths and facts about adultery

Is it possible to live a whole life with one woman, without ever changing it? What for? And is it good, not harmful to health, including the rest of society? That’s what experts think about this.

Despite the fact that the number of adultery has long exceeded the number of marriages, society still pretends that it considers betrayal something outrageous. Ninety percent of the radio is filled with lyrical moans on the theme “How could you?”, And on TV at any time of the day or night, there is a series about how he loved her, and she not only him, and then he found out and then it all turned out. Perhaps this article will help to finally give a correct assessment of this ancient, as the world, phenomenon. With the help of selected experts, we will analyze the most popular theses about treason and try to confirm or deny them. And then the next time you wake up in bed with someone else’s lady, you will be able to give a correct assessment of events and calm down.

Thesis 1: Treason – a sign that something is wrong in the relationship

Some sort of nonsense. And then the relationship when you just had sex? Everything in your personal life is wonderful, and you live with the best woman in the world. Just sometimes (not so often) you want to have sex with someone else. This happens with everyone and does not signal anything. Nevertheless, scientists of the University of Getten (Germany) for some reason believe that this thesis is 100% accurate. You see, they studied statistics for ten years (instead of trying, like all decent scientists, to try for themselves), and now they are absolutely sure that 86% of men and 94% of women, truly satisfied with their sexual and personal life, never cheating on their regular partners. And longing for freedom begins only when something breaks down in sex or relationships. And if men, the trigger for betrayal is often the lack of sex, then for women the most important factor is the inattention and indifference of the partner. And unfortunately, this is true. Confirmed!

Thesis 2: Treason is certainly detrimental to the relationship

It’s one thing when you change. Oh, you know that it was a minute weakness, a mistake and in general a mere trifle in a mini-skirt, about which we will now forget and live happily ever after. But it is quite another thing when they cheat on you. Can you forget and forgive? Of course not, unless you successfully infected Alzheimer’s. Such things do not forget!

“And it’s good that they don’t forget,” the New York marriage counselor nods. “For some of my clients, the fact of recognized treason (of course, one-time) helped save the marriage.” Several factors work here at once. First, stress and surprise, which literally explode the routine in a relationship. Rage and resentment are often replaced by the fear of losing a loved one. And for many years, this fear will replace the half-emptied feelings for the partners. Of course, this is a very powerful tool, which is better to apply in doses and extremely rare. But betrayal does lead to strengthening of marriage more often than to its disintegration. And the relationship of partners to each other becomes much more sensitive. What if our property tries to sneak away? We are now afraid to lose it. And at the same time, for some reason, we think that we still love her. Disproved!

Thesis 3: Men forgive betrayal worse than women

Of course. Because for centuries you had to be tormented by doubts: “Is my son this cute baby, who is now playing with the keys to my Mercedes?” Or is he a usurper, a foundling who was brought by a stork? ”Let now there are contraceptives and DNA examinations, but the millennial paranoia is not so easy to overcome.
In general, we can conclude that women are much more willing to forgive than men. Confirmed!

We will continue in the next article. Keeping up!

By Cindy
June 29, 2019

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