Scientists have established one of the causes of office romances

It seems that the saying “Love comes with habit” finally received scientific confirmation.

The researchers conducted an experiment: they showed 22 lonely people of traditional orientation photos of 112 people of the opposite sex, and they showed not once, but many, in a circle. At the same time, the researchers asked to rate each photo on a 9-point scale. And that’s what turned out.

During the first show, the subject did not show much enthusiasm and gave a low rating to the person in the photo. But if the photo of the same person came across to him for the fourth time, the points increased sharply!

“A person is often imbued with sympathy for another, not after the first acquaintance, but after a while, even if he or she was not too sympathetic to him from the beginning,” the scientists concluded. True, provided that the object constantly flashes before your eyes.

Actually, this feature of human psychology – to love what is well known – we are obliged to the emergence of the majority of office novels. Remember, when you first came to the office, you thought: “This is horrible, there’s nobody to look at! Although the cooler is nothing else. ” And after six months already, Stacy was assisting with a hungry look (for some reason it seems to me that this is the right name for an assistant, who is escorted with a hungry look). It’s just that during these half a year you managed to get used to it, and sympathy arose.

By the way, the study confirms something else – “Out of sight – out of mind.”

By Cindy
June 28, 2019

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