Who is happier after the divorce – men or women (the results of the survey)

But what is it, and here we have a dense difference between us!

The study on the topic “Who feels after a divorce?” is written by the British The Time. The publication lured 1060 volunteers (the average age is 54 years), which was once shackled by legal ties, but subsequently they were torn apart, and asked them 30 questions about how she, family life, and why she did not ask. Nobody expected such results!

First, it turned out that divorce is much more beneficial for women than for men. The fact that after the anti-shake became happier, 53% of respondents and only 32% of respondents said. A huge proportion of men have branded the divorce with such words as “failure”, “failure”, “disappointment”. But the girls, grandmothers and other matrons called it a “holiday”, “delight” and “rise.”

Further – thicker: as many as 61% of women and modest against their background 47% of the representatives of the opposite camp assured that they are much better and more relaxed at liberty and that they can no longer be lured into the path of new relations.

And a little more encouraging statistics in our with you, friend, piggy bank! Only 8% of ex-wives and 17% of retired husbands keep warm feelings for the former.

Well, since we started this conversation altogether, then you should know everything without cuts! The most frequent causes of divorces are not differences in political convictions and views on cinema, painting and the like agriculture, not throwing up uneasy toilet seats over the family nest and not arguing about who to bring Siamese fish to the vet. Most often marriages collapse, firstly, on the basis of adultery. And the men here, alas, have nothing to be proud of: you break the matrimonial debt by 30% more often than your opponents.

And secondly, due to dissatisfaction with how the marriage cart as a whole rolls along the tracks, 49% of respondents blamed changes in half number two, 14% blamed everything on tectonic transformations in themselves.

By Cindy
June 26, 2019

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