Women like men who look like their brothers

I do not know how this conclusion, which was made by scientists, will help you, but you never know.

In a large, serious journal (almost without pictures) a study was published that would have made Freud roll over in a coffin if he had not been cremated.

A group of scientists from the University of Northumbria, in the UK, found that women are attracted to men with facial features similar to those of their brothers. WHAT?

Study participants were given sets of photographs: a woman, her partner, her brother, and a photo of three more men who had no relation to her. The participants in the study, not knowing what kind of relationship a woman had with these five men, had to establish which of the men most resembled each other.

So, the overwhelming majority of the participants pointed out the similarity of the partner of the woman and her brother. From which scientists concluded that “heterosexual women choose partners that are similar to their brothers.”
And again – WHAT ?.

However, I will still surprise you with the article that the similarity with the members of the girl’s family is able to position her in your direction. After all, the more you remind her of someone from her family, the calmer she feels in your presence (of course, if she did not grow up in a dysfunctional family in which it was customary to beat children on the head with wooden spoons).

By Cindy
June 25, 2019

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