Brand new treason!

It turns out that the instructor in the gym is not the biggest threat to modern relationships.

In a rare modern couple there is no joint series. Of course, you have your own series (perhaps from previous relationships). For example, you are alone in watching “The Audience” and do not mind when a girl retires with “Sex and the City”. But the joint series is sacred.

You are looking forward to the new series together, watch them side by side, and then discuss what you see with the same passion with which you had sex in the first month of the relationship. Therefore, what I am going to tell you now will be especially painful. Get ready

A survey conducted by SurveyMonkey and engulfing 30,267 people in relationships showed that 81% of them had changed their partners. They changed serially, that is, they looked at the new series alone, before watching it with their partner, and even, maybe, hypocritically exclaimed: “Well, what a surprise! She is the mother of dragons! I would never have guessed!

And 46% of them changed their partner more than once, but they do it regularly!

Just think about it: you are sitting at work, and your girlfriend is looking at a brand new series you have set aside for the evening! Oh women, your name is torrent!

By Cindy
June 24, 2019

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