8 signs that a girl wants to leave you

Perhaps it is time to slowly take out your collection of flippers from her apartment.

She does not speak about the future
“My aunt makes excellent peppers stuffed with pancakes. You will try on New Year’s holidays! ”Do not be naive, this phrase is not praise for the aunt’s culinary talents. This is encryption. And that means she: “Prepare, my friend, we will spend the New Year holidays together!” But if the girl stopped making footnotes to your joint, I repeat, share the future, watch your guard. Most likely, she avoids such footnotes, since she already plans to eat peppers alone or with another connoisseur of Central Russian cuisine. Only the most cruel girl can loudly make joint plans for the future when she has already decided to end the relationship.

She kisses you less often
Sex, contrary to popular belief, is not a barometer of relationships. That is, if a girl refuses your sex, everything is, of course, very bad. But the first signs of cooling are the reluctance of the girl to kiss and cuddle. And all because for us girls, kisses and hugs are extremely important. Sometimes more important than sex! After all, sex, no matter how you say us, is a rough mechanical process (without it, it’s true, too, sad). But kisses and hugs – yes, this is the peak of intimacy. Watch your back.

She doesn’t want to spend time with your friends.
You remember how at the beginning of your acquaintance her eyes glowed when you offered to go somewhere with your friends. The girl considered them “wonderful people”, dressed up for a meeting, joked and laughed, and when you returned home, she argued that Jamie, in her heart, was a thin and sensitive person (although you know for certain that he is not). Now, if you give a hint about going to the bowling alley with friends, she has a good reason for not going. Fear of round objects, for example.

She stopped luring you to her parents
One of our feminine features (aside from the predilection for shoes with heels) is in the vicinity of parents. We are not ashamed to share feelings and fears with mom and dad and bewildered to ask them for advice, even if we ourselves already lead transatlantic corporations. Therefore, the fact that the girl does not want to show you more to her relatives is a dangerous symptom. There may be two reasons for this: either they are already aware of her executor plans for you, or the girl does not want her parents to guess everything, looking at your yet some other couple.

She scandals like last time
Of course, you quarreled before. Small bright flashes of mutual discontent (caused, as a rule, by unreasonable jealousy) preceded a large and bright flash of sex. Now everything has changed. Now all hoo how serious. She began to beat on your sore spots: salary, mom, early baldness. (Although you are convinced that this is not baldness! Just seasonal hair loss!) In a word, “lost fear”. But the beautiful tradition of sex after reconciliation went into oblivion. She is no longer afraid to offend you once and for all. Or maybe even striving for it.

She generally stopped brawling
And it happens with us: a girl doesn’t care. It would seem that you should be happy about it: finally you can keep unpaired socks in the breadbasket and not get a reprimand for it! Do not rush to rejoice. Most likely, her indifference is a sign that everything is over. She no longer sees you in her life, which means she absolutely does not care where you keep your socks. She just hid and waits for the moment and courage, that is, a party at which she will drink enough to say goodbye to you already out loud.

She had secrets
We girls do not like to keep secrets. We love to take secrets for rent, and then without regret, even with pleasure, to part with them. So, if the girl stopped telling you about the personal life of her friends, do not rush to rejoice. Most likely, at the moment a friend of your girlfriend tells her husband that you will soon be abandoned. And you have been removed from the list of trustees with whom I want to share the secret.

She defends her independence
Previously, she did not mind when you put socks in her box (place in the breadbasket is not rubber!) Or jumped behind her in the shower. Now the girl severely reprimands you for calling for some reason “violation of your personal space.” Be wary: the desire for partial separation can gradually develop into a desire for global separation.

By Cindy
June 23, 2019

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