Your third half: that so pulls the girls into romance with married(In details)

I hasten to reassure you. So that with sobs to hiccups happens only in our first “married” novel. Having finished the last pack of sedatives, the girl decides that she has only two options: a) give a cut to her head and honestly that she will run away from any guy with a ring on her ring finger, let him at least three times Ryan Gosling; b) assign the honorary category “our all” to married men.

But, as the mini-survey of forty closest friends showed, there are few people running around in the gardens. Look at this: we have at least five reasons to love you, married.

The brilliant find of married men! Seriously, everywhere you look – continuous pluses. First, it is a much more elegant way of reporting the presence of a lawful spouse than on the first date to show off a pretty stamp in a passport or flicker in front of a young girl with a ringed limb.

The right girl will immediately understand everything right away: if a guy calls on Friday evening and offers a romantic от to have breakfast on Monday ’, that means everything is like a complete set.

Secondly, early breakfasts are much more pleasant than a sprint business lunch or semi-legal dinner. You’re all so exemplary, joking at ease (because in the daytime no normal wife would ever think of spying) and rarely look at your watch. And on Monday morning, in general, a miracle is both witty and good (for two days off, you can come up with 1001 topics for conversation, and at the same time, complete tuning with restyling at the beauty salon). Speaking of weekends …

It is only in the false Hollywood melodramas of the mistress that they spend the whole weekend wrapping the cried face with a pillow. Say, oh my god, how miserable and alone I am! Yeah, how not so! In fact, girls love weekends free from men.

While married friends in the poisonous cloud of Domestos and with a toilet brush at the ready turn the stuffing for steam cakes, we enjoy life. Waking up at noon, showing off in the pool with a new swimsuit, making eyes to an appetizing brunette at a nearby table in a cafe where we went to gossip with my girlfriends – is this not just women’s happiness?

A man who is somewhere far away with one hand shakes the cradle with the baby, and the other writes romantic text messages, for us it’s generally a gift of fate. Speaking of gifts …

Married guys give us only the right shoes, perfume and others. The secret is simple: in order not to repeat the textbook plot, when a wife finds a diamond the size of a newborn’s head in a wardrobe, and then gets a set of pots for the anniversary, they don’t buy us anything in advance. It is much safer to take a girl under the elbow, bring her to the window and beg not to read the price tags, but just poke a manicured finger.

Yes, it is not too romantic, but expensive, reliable and practical. By the way, one of my friends invented an even more progressive way: on the Internet, she chose and ordered herself a surprise, which was delivered to a man in the office. The scheme worked like a clock, and, admiring her next killer-sexy set of underwear, I said to her: “Talent. Undoubted talent.

You think I really need to smudge your pants with lipstick and call her to meet her? The less spouse will worry, the calmer it will be for us all. I mean, you and I are somewhere on the seashore, and she is at the fighting position, at the stove. A happy wife will always understand if her husband is suddenly sent on a week-long business trip, and certainly will not find out who will go with him as an escort. Yes, various trips to holiday homes and resorts – this is purely ours, mistresses, a prerogative.

We will not reproach you with socks scattered by number, ask you to fix the hotel crane and we will not stage a migraine at night. A trifle is required from you – to say goodbye “Babe, these three days were the best in my life” and determine the time for the next breakfast.

By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if during our next meeting you, realizing that I’m a woman in all respects, dream of me, will offer me to become your new wife. Why not? After all, this is exactly what happened to a friend of my girlfriend.

By Cindy
June 22, 2019

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