Your third half: that so pulls the girls into romance with married

Rejoice! Women finally told why they love married people so much.

Strictly speaking, in each of our lives, we have our first love affair with a married person and everyone else. And the first is always a tragedy, which begins in the spirit of a cheerful operetta, and ends with a capital Armageddon. These fathers of families are able to lull vigilance and endear themselves to the girl, as if they are doing just that, and not wiping their trousers at parental meetings.

For example, they give hopelessly gentle look and monologue about the fact that they have not been so good for a long time. Understandably, good. Especially if the phone is disconnected and the spouse Lily, or Kitty, or as she has been there for the third hour, has a nice conversation with the answering machine.

By the way, about wives who, on the one hand, seem to be there, but on the other – not at all in business. We have a corresponding attitude to these werewolves in aprons – as to an annoying misunderstanding. You do not even need to explain that you are with her for a long time strangers, sleep in different beds and greet in the mornings only from politeness. The classics of the genre from Woody Allen: “Baby, I’m going. I have to urgently have sex and complain about my wife. ”

It is terrible to suggest how the female brain is arranged, but for some reason it seems to us that in this situation a man is literally obliged to come to our door from day to day with a hand, a heart and a toothbrush. This version is so tempting that it is absolutely impossible to refuse it – right up to the moment when the guy calls and informs that he is taking his wife to the maternity hospital, the mother-in-law to the store and is generally tired of the lies. Our reply line, as a rule, politely listens to the answering machine.

No, of course, there are exceptions. Each of us heard a story about a friend of a girlfriend, for whom a wife and a crop of heirs were left. The name of this young lady and other circumstances of the case no one remembers, but it was so. Yes, there is Angelina Jolie, who now has Brad Pitt. What is not a positive example?

And in the next article I will mention the reasons for our love for the married and analyze them in details.

By Cindy
June 21, 2019

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