Girls talk about the most terrible acts in relation to the guys

All the stories are told by real girls on Twitter, and this makes the stories even worse.

Each of us had an act in life that we are not proud of. Someone forgot to call her grandmother on her 109th birthday, someone kicked a panda at the zoo, someone kicked her best friend (maybe also at the zoo). Well and, of course, many such bad deeds each of us committed in relation to the person with whom he was close.

But women, despite the statements of feminists, are also not saints. This proves a fresh flash mob running on Twitter. Here’s what the launch looked like.

Twitterers immediately heard the cry and threw a few dozen stories about how badly they acted with the opposite sex. Honor, shudder, pray not to recognize yourself in these stories. Or so that someday will not become a victim of such a story.

“Oooooh. Threw one. Gone to his best friend. Also threw. In general, all threw a couple of days before their birthday. One broke a macbook, tore up a passport, expensive things, scattered everything around the apartment – including raw eggs. ”

“When I first met the guy in person, I realized that I was not interested in talking with him and when we passed the bus stop – I just got on the bus and left while he was telling something”

“I let the guy kiss me, we walked all day together, had fun, kissed, and in the evening I wrote to him at home that I didn’t need a relationship yet, and in general at that time I wanted a girlfriend”

“Lived with a guy. Once after work, I was waylaid by another boy who had been courting for a long time, gave me a huge bouquet of flowers. I accepted it, but since I couldn’t carry it to the apartment, I threw it at the porch. A couple of hours later, my boyfriend showed up with the same bouquet and gives it to me. WTF!!”

“Once in a restaurant in London I was tried to“ buy ”three Belarusians, offering money for their entertainment. I took the money, went to the toilet and dumped through the kitchen. ”

“I asked a friend and her acquaintance to pick me up from the first 5 minutes of the meeting, because the young man came in flesh-colored breeches. I pretended to meet them by chance and went to buy a friend a beer … just to no longer see the bodily breeches .. ”

“And yet, somehow at the disco in the camp there was a slow dance and the boy invited me, but since it was dark I at first didn’t see him well, and then, when I realized that he was ugly, I pretended that I was bad and just left to dance with another . “

“I met a guy somehow and in general constantly scored on him – forgot about the fact that we agreed to meet, forgot about his birthdays, and then because of me (I did tasks for me) did not pass the computer science on the first year and he was expelled “

So, my dear friend, be very careful and follow all my recommendations in order not to be in such a situation.

By Cindy
June 19, 2019

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