Why do we kiss with closed eyes?

Surely at least once in your life you wondered why while with our lips (and more often with the tongue!) we make quite active movements, while not looking into the eyes.

Of course, you can say that simple politeness requires it: who will like it when it is considered at close range. A kiss, as they say, is not yet a reason to show each other enlarged pores, crumbling mascara or a cut from yesterday’s shaving (in the case of mascara, it’s about a girl, not about you in any case!).

This hypothesis is quite viable, but ophthalmologists believe that it is still not the case. Sandra Murphy and Polly Dalton of the University of London published the results of a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Their work was not related to kisses (they did not even make experiments in the laboratory!), But concerned the human sense of touch.

The participants in the experiment were to observe the successively changing characters on the screen and give a signal when they see the number 10 or the letter N. At the same time, a slight vibration was applied to the armrests of the chair in which they were sitting.

After the end of the experiment, participants were asked to tell at what moments they felt a vibration. It turned out that the more they focused on the visual range, the less they felt the touch. This explains the fact that when we want to focus on tactile sensations (and in a kiss they are undoubtedly more important than others), we close our eyes.

By Cindy
June 17, 2019

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