10 signs that a girl is cheating on you

“Your children are fluent in Spanish” and 9 more signs.

  1. She smiles strangely when she receives another text message from her mobile operator, NYX, or a shoe store. And sometimes even for some reason responds to these text messages.
  2. Your children are fluent in Spanish.
  3. When she comes from work, her nipples are visible even under a fur coat.
  4. Her photo in Facebook, where she is drunk lying on the lawn in the park, received “like” for the first time.
  5. You know for sure that she simply does not have time for any treason. After all, she is so busy! Five times a week she has a swimming pool, four times – Pilates and aerobics. And that’s not counting the daily night classes in the pottery club!
  6. Recently, she accidentally swallowed a sausage at breakfast.
  7. She made herself a tattoo on the buttock with the inscription “Jake”. And I recall your name is Jason.
  8. Her sexual experience has been replenished with three new poses in which she behaves confidently, saying: “Not like this!”
  9. For five years, you have already changed four apartments, but whenever you come home, the same neighbor in shorts smokes on the stairs.
  10. The friend at whom she stayed overnight today just passed by you at the bar.

Yes, half of these points are presented in a comic form, but they carry a deep meaning and a very real situation. And let me give you probably the most important advice: look in both eyes!

By Cindy
June 14, 2019

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