Have you already been cheated once? Most likely, will be cheated again

A study exposing adultery in a bad light!

Are you glad that your present girlfriend left you her husband, a millionaire porn actor, for you? Yes, perhaps from the point of view of ego you are really pleased. You are so good that for the sake of you leave some other person! But do not rush to rejoice. Chances are good that soon you will find yourself a new “some other person”.

In addition, do not rush to attribute the parting of your current partner with her previous boyfriend to your own attractiveness, or to the ability to stunningly tell a joke. Even if the girl claims to have deliberately left her ex to be with you. Perhaps she is cheating. And not only you, but herself.

Now let’s talk about the scientific side of things. Scientists from the Department of Psychology at the University of Denver conducted a study of the psychological rationale for treason. In the course of it, they interrogated 484 adult men and women in serious (or frivolous) relationships in great detail.

It turned out that those who entered into a new relationship, having had time to say goodbye to the previous ones, had far less chances for treason. But those who have already changed their partner at least once will likely change him again. And again. And again. And to prevent it is almost impossible (but you, just in case, try).

The fact is that a person does not change because he is mistreated or does not buy the right amount of fur coats for a season. But the thirst of the forbidden, especially if once it has already been quenched, again and again calls for traitors to seek adventure.

By Cindy
June 13, 2019

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