Scientists have figured out how to identify treason by voice

Until recently, hints in the form of an earring, accidentally hooked on your underwear, or a neighbor from the fifth floor in a wardrobe could become evidence of infidelity. But henceforth treason can be determined by voice.

So, at least, consider American scientists from Albright College. For the experiment, Susan Hughes and Marisa Harrison recorded the speech of 10 men and 10 women in permanent relationships. Half of them adhered to monogamous principles, the rest could not boast of loyalty to their partners. For the experiment, they counted to ten, pronouncing the word per second.

These records were listened to by 152 volunteers (88 women and 64 men) from 18 to 32 years old. On a 10-point scale, they determined which of the participants in the experiment was prone to betrayal. 1 – meant “keeps loyalty to the partner”, 10 – “walking right and left”. Intermediate points meant all sorts of controversial moments of loyalty: oral sex, kisses, caress …

It turned out that women can identify cheaters by timbre of voice quite accurately. But in men such superpowers are not found. They almost unanimously attributed the thoughts of treason to girls with a low timbre of voice.

Also, scientists have identified the main signs, the sound of which in the brain of women begins to ring a small bell (or the air defense alarm goes off).
• Expressive intonation
• Speech without pauses
• Fuzzy speech

This, of course, is suspiciously similar to the description of the speech of an average man, who returned home on Friday a little later than usual …

But now you will at least know what you spent the night on the sofa for (and without sex!).

By Cindy
June 11, 2019

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