6 things that a person understands about you in the first seconds of dating (Part 2)

And so, another batch of interesting facts for you!

Do you dominate
This refers to the natural suppression of others, mostly of the same sex. It turned out that others understand whether you are dominant from the very first seconds of dating. Just look at your head. And well, if she is bald! Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania ruled that the bald man is the dominant man. Of course, compared with a hairy fellow of similar proportions, because if Stallone stands next to the bald one, no baldness will save.

Are you smart
The good news is that in order to impress your interlocutor with an intelligent, well-read person you don’t really need to get smarter and read. It is enough to look directly at the interlocutor during the conversation.
This conclusion was made by scientists of Brandeis University, that in Massachusetts, and came already back in 2007. “It is important to talk and look into the eyes,” said Nora Murphy, the leading specialist of the study. Use this knowledge the next time you convince the boss that, of course, made a presentation, but the dog swallowed the flash drive.

Can they trust you
You may owe all your acquaintances within a radius of 100 km and basically do not fulfill promises, but if you have a face with feminine and even childish features, then people will trust you from the first seconds of dating. At least, researchers of the psychology department at Princeton University are convinced of this, with whom I am not ready to enter into open confrontation. They are certainly right, because they have such charming children’s faces!

Are you inclined to adventure
Waking up in the middle of the night and jerking in Chile, parachuting with a skateboard in hand, joking with a policeman – is this all about you? Do not rush to answer, your walk will answer for you.
Scientists from the University of Durham, Newcastle University and the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in 2011 found that people who are prone to adventure, have a wide, sweeping, and sometimes completely lax gait. But those who prefer a measured home life at risk, move in small clear steps, mostly along straight lines. So go to the interview in small steps, but in the regional aeronaut club – impressively staggering.

By Cindy
June 9, 2019

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