6 things that a person understands about you in the first seconds of dating (Part 1)

Admit it, it is always interesting to find out what impression you make on those around you. Do biker friends like the sweater that your grandmother has tied to you; Do you think the girl who dropped your barbell in the gym is attractive to you? Does the chainsaw with which you came to the office impress your colleagues … In general, I wonder.

And now, thanks to the very different scientists from the most diverse scientific places (it seems they are called universities), we can find out what impression we have on others when we first met. Scientists have named facts that can be understood about you in the first seconds of communication. Read, shudder, rethink your image, or even a lifetime.

Are you a wealthy person?
Researchers at the Netherlands University of Tilburg came to an obvious, but no less offensive conclusion from this: the well-being of a person is determined by his clothes. So, if a person is dressed in clothes of well-known expensive brands (if specifically, then the researchers meant clothes of the Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger brands), others are sure that they are a wealthy person.

And here’s the good news: this perception does not guarantee anything. According to the researchers, additional positive qualities such as attractiveness, kindness and reliability, fashionable clothing of its owner in the eyes of others does not endow.

Are you heterosexual
You avoided pink jeans all your life, tried to speak exclusively with bass and never ordered your favorite strawberry daiquiri in the bar – all because of the fear of being mistaken for a gay? Well, tried in vain. No, no, not in the sense, I believe that you are happy in marriage with five women wives. Just as it turned out, clothes do not affect the perception of those around you about sexual orientation. Affects the face.

As scientists from Tufts University have found out, a person determines the sexual orientation of another person for some twentieth of a second, barely looking at his face. True, it does not always determine correctly, but these are already details.

Continuing in tomorrow’s post!

By Cindy
June 8, 2019

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