With or without a beard? The guy conducted an experiment in Tinder and found out what girls like more

Few people approached the beard with such seriousness.

The guy from the United States decided to check how he is better – with a beard or without. For this, he conducted a practically scientific experiment using the Tinder dating application.

The user of the application as anonymity (that is why on the photos he has such big eyes) said that he wanted to check how facial hair affects the first impression of girls. For this, he took a series of photographs in different settings.

 “I almost always wear a beard, but lately I prefer not too big beard,” said the experimenter.

Photos in different settings were needed in order to show their versatility, and at the same time increase the coverage of the audience with coinciding interests.

“I made the profile description personal and at the same time rather general to minimize the risks.”

Having created one profile in Tinder, the guy shaved off his beard and repeated the pictures for the second (third-party applications allow you to use two profiles simultaneously). True, it was not as easy to repeat the pictures as easily as it might seem at first glance. Well, photoshop gives a special charm.

Having created two profiles, the already beardless tester began to record the results. For five days, he entered the application once every 12 hours and put 100 likes in a row to all the girls that came across, and wrote the results in an Excel spreadsheet. The result was considered mutual Like (match).

“By the way, the results did not shock me at all, ” says Tinder-researcher. Most mutual likes got a profile with a beard.

In general, the results look like this.

What photos like more, with a beard or without.

The age range of girls who have chosen a bearded (he himself is 31 years old).

Age of girls who prefer shaved face.

Mutual likes for bearded.

Mutual likes for shaved.

In this case, several times it happened that the same girl mutually liked both profiles. When questions arose, it was necessary to explain that this was an experiment.

In general, the man is satisfied with his experience. According to him, he already knew that he was better off with a beard, but now this was confirmed experimentally. However, the newly-born beard expert is not going to stop at this. Ahead experiments with other platforms, as well as with the length and shape of facial hair.

By Cindy
June 7, 2019

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