Scientists have established how to identify the cheater

This study will force women to hide their fingers – in pockets, clutches, vaults, glove compartments of cars, pans with soup, after all.

In a fragile human organism, there seems to be no place left where, thanks to vigilant scientists, it would not be possible to identify imminent or accomplished treason. By voice? Yes please! At a glance? Be kind!

Even the most dangerous period in the life of a woman has been established, when she is so drawn by the holy bonds of the marriage hearth. But the masters of the collider and the oscilloscope are not appealing. This time they established how to identify the subjugators of Hymen’s vows in the abyss on their fingers!

The discovery belongs to the microscopes of scientists at Oxford University. They took 474 volunteers, handed them questionnaires and strongly asked not to lie while filling out, measured the anatomical features and made several analyzes.

And terrible has surfaced! It turns out that there is a direct connection between treason and the length of the fingers in women. Those who have an intrigue on the side show a characteristic sign: they have an index finger on their left hand that is longer than the ring finger!

This anatomical feature is due to the high level of female estrogen hormones responsible for femininity.

More “feminine” femines are more in demand in the love market, so that, being unhappy with the existing relationships, they willingly go in search of new ones.

In men, this dependence is not noticed, exhale!

And it seems that unnamed and index fingers play a more significant role in the life of women than is commonly believed among ordinary citizens (that is, you and your friends in the domino mug): judging by this research, they give out women’s addictions in their personal lives.

By Cindy
June 6, 2019

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