Circus princesses: 7 girls role (Part 2)


Of course, like any girl, the clown dreams of happiness. But in her case, happiness lies above all in that everyone around her is well. So that everyone laughs and rejoices, but what if someone suddenly decides to applaud her … However, this is not at all necessary, honestly! She reads women’s magazines, where they explain to her that men love only a bitch, and after reading such articles she sometimes gives herself a vow from Monday to start being a bitch and to do a manicure every three days. Alas, she has too much self-irony for both. Nevertheless, she still hopes that one day she will come for her … well, well, she will come on foot … though not a prince, but a pleasant, kind young man who will love her for who she is. Well, yes, she should have paid more attention to her appearance and clothes, but after all, appearance is not the main thing in a person, right?

This ridiculous and good-natured tangle of reflections rarely becomes a subject of wild passion: it’s better to be friends with clownies than to shoot due to them in a duel. Although you can also be friends in different ways. Perhaps, of all types of women, it is the clown who has the most sexual partners. Firstly, she is not very good at saying the word “no”, and secondly, she is simply not used to treating herself as something so valuable that it is worth saving for more lucrative offers.


Iron muscles, whips and electric shocks – not the main thing in the difficult art of dog training. The main thing is character, and the tamer is fully endowed with it. Begin everything will be wonderful. If she decided to study you, then the first phase will be taming: you will be gently caress, delve into all your needs and generously scatter pieces of sugar. When you realize that happiness – this is it, that you have never met such an ideal, understanding, beautiful and unique … in this life, and they will take it seriously. While you relaxedly basking in the waves of joint happiness, it’s time to explore you properly. You are encouraged to tell as much as possible – about kindergarten, school, about your first mistress … Of you gently withdraw all the information, including the little shameful secrets about which you still have not told anyone. And then, when the girl has already picked up the keys to you, the training begins. Everything is used: tears, persuasion, hysteria, brutal blackmail, running away barefoot at night into the street and occasionally awards: delightful sex and two or even three days of quiet life. At the same time, there are no specific goals for the handler. The only thing she needs is for you to sit quietly on the pedestal and jump into the hoop when you are told. Any of your attempts to show at least some independence will be stopped by a gentle, but steel handle. Alas, but only with such a man – chained, with cropped claws, torn out teeth and plucked feathers – the tamer can feel calm. She doesn’t care that you have a burst at the seams of your career, that you have lost all connections, friends and money – the main thing is that you are with her and doing what they say to you. “Bring more coffee, honey, and turn on the TV:“ Desperate Housewives ”begins, our favorite TV series with you.”


Close to the type of tamer, rider is still a character of a different genre. For her, the perfect union of a man and a woman looks like this: he rushes frantically to his cherished goal, trampling everyone in his path, and she in a pink dress with sparkles makes out on his neck various spectacular capers and all admire her. The happy symbiosis of two free personalities — almost imperceptibly, from the side, as she periodically spurs her mount to run faster and jump higher. We are pleased to communicate with the riders. Let us suspect that we are used, but their whole style of behavior flatters our vanity. A rider will never butt with a man, figuring out who will run five miles in a circle, she will gladly let you be strong, powerful and clever and take her to a beautiful future, preferably puffing less on the way. Of course, this attitude stimulates a man to feats. You beat a hoof and rush up the hill, proud that on the back sits such a beautiful, well-groomed and causing universal admiration for the creature. So in this partnership, you and the young lady are almost equal. It is a pity that the driven horses are shot, and free stupid stallions around a dime a dozen.


She looks at you with a transparent, non-expressing gaze, and you will never be able to understand what thoughts are swarming in her pretty head. It seems she is not stupid. Sometimes he smiles, even laughs at your jokes. It happens that you manage to force her to say something, although in general she prefers to look and be silent. Order it yourself please. Well, yes, you can go somewhere. No matter where. Yes, she watched this movie, but can look again. She does not know whether she liked her or not. It seems to be liked. Well, you can go to you – why not? It seems she does not mind sex. It seems that she liked sex too. Although, maybe she just fell asleep.

Sometimes it seems that in the girl there is not a drop of will or desires. Apathetic, sluggish and inert, she seems incapable of experiencing emotions herself – only more or less successfully reflecting yours. Having met the real spectator, the man usually perceives her detachment as a challenge. You climb out of the skin, beat your head against the wall, trying to stir it up: after all, there must be life on this Mars somewhere! On the other hand, it is so convenient – to always have with you a calm, silent and agreeable pretty creature of the female. The girl-spectator is difficult to love, but somehow you get used to it very quickly. You make an attempt to stir up this sleeping princess and begin to consider her something of his property. And here she is usually just as sluggish and apathetic goes from you to another, which will entertain her with new forces. And what else does the viewer need?

And so, I hope now you will solve all the secrets of your chosen one and happiness has become much closer

By Cindy
June 2, 2019

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