Circus princesses: 7 girl’s roles (Part 1)

Acrobat? Rider? Clowness? Find your girlfriend in our circus classification – and you will understand what tricks to expect from her.

The whole world is a theater. In it, women, men are all actors, ”William Shakespeare once remarked. Of course, it is common for a poet to embellish reality – sometimes to the detriment of truth. The truth is that the reality, even the most dreadful, is still usually not sufficiently dramatic before theatrical production.

So Shakespeare got a little excited. Life is not a theater at all, but a real circus. Open any news site, and you will immediately see this. And the people around you (look at them more closely and you will be surprised) are clearly divided according to one or another circus genre. Especially women who are more likely to play in public in private life. Get comfortable, do not forget the ice cream and I present the parade today! Find the circus type to which your girl belongs, and draw conclusions – what kind of future does she prepare for you.


Surprise!!! Unexpected, like a crocodile in the kitchen, and unpredictable, like a weather forecast, a girl of this type leaves you no chance for a quiet and measured life. She comes and goes when she pleases, not checking with the clock, the calendar, or the norms of morality. She lies and inspired much, most often without the slightest reason, reason, or at least a pitiful bit of logic. You will hear from her a lot of incredible, sometimes monstrous stories about the fact that her first husband was an astronaut, but then he went missing; about how she worked as a top model in Paris, but then she started having a terrible skin allergy to croissants and men in berets. A real magician cannot come to any meeting earlier than two hours after the appointed time, but she is able to grow like a mushroom from under the ground in those places where you least expect her to meet her. A magician makes money disappear in an unknown way — in this art she has no equal. Just now there were two hundred dollars lying around, and see: one-two-three – and they are already gone! And now all the attention on this cylinder. And what do we get out of there? A new set of cosmetics from the “Dior”. I wonder where he came from here? Magician adores experiments in sex and hates boring routine. You will be with her interesting, exciting and a bit creepy. But the main thing – do not try to redo it. First, it still won’t work; secondly, in the world there is a mass of more worthy objects for the application of such a quantity of mental and physical strength.


She knows how to perfectly adapt to any conditions – depending on the projectile she has to work with. Amazing flexibility of nature allows girls-acrobats to feel comfortable in the company of anyone. She instantly understands the rules of the game proposed by you and immediately adapts to them. It takes a month or two from the beginning of the relationship – and the girl begins to understand your work well, knows all your buddies by name and reminds you that you need to remember to call your aunt: she has a silver wedding today. The ability to mimicry a girl of this type is such that chameleons are covered with spots of envy and fall dead from the branches. She starts talking with your intonations, loving your favorite dishes, borrows your political, ethical and religious views. But as soon as the change of partner occurs, the scenery immediately changes dramatically. The most interesting thing is that there can be more than a dozen of such reincarnations in the life of a girl. Any man, of course, would then become a complete schizophrenic with multiple personality splitting, but the psyche of the acrobat experiences such disasters without the slightest damage to their health.


The main slogan of girls of this type is “So that everything is just like that of people!” No, she does not crave fame, applause and national recognition, but soon everything is somehow on its own, imperceptibly begins to revolve around her. Already on your first dates it becomes clear that it’s best to entrust the organization of these same dates to the young lady. Let it be unromantic, but reasonable. She will be able to arrange everything. And immaculately: there will be no crowded restaurants, accidentally met drunken acquaintances, closed cinemas and broken heels. And she herself will be able to buy flowers such that they will stay in a vase until the New Year, and not those living dead, who are usually given to you. And if you start to have serious feelings for a girl, then the first and most important of these feelings will be “confidence in the future.”

In her presence, things are guiltily creeping apart at the places they are assigned, cell phones and documents do not dare to get lost, even the chaos of the universe itself begins to hesitate to sort through atoms, trying to arrange them somehow more pleasantly. At the same time, the young master-entertainer does not seek to dive into the depths of your rich spiritual life. She has enough external order: you can drag her stars from the sky with armfuls, and she only asks you to be more careful and not burn your shirt. But if you do not congratulate her on the anniversary of your acquaintance, it will be a serious offense for her.

Read about the other types in the next article.

By Cindy
June 1, 2019

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