What kind of car should you have for women to like you (research results)

I also enclose the brands of cars that you must immediately throw away, if you don’t want to eat cold black caviar all your life and alone play the prefix, as much as you like.

Portal Askmen (UK) brings the results of a curious survey conducted by a dating site. It casts a shadow of clarity on the question of whether the fact of having a car affects the quality of the privacy of its owner.

The answer is simple: yes, it does. But destructive or good, depends on the brand. Service specialists went through thousands of profile photos and found this.

Those who post shots with their iron pet receive an average of 165% more personal messages from interested individuals than horseless ones. Meet the top 3 brands, on which girls peck like bees (the growth of calls is indicated):

1. Jeep – 243%

2. BMW – 194%

3. Toyota – 73%

And a bit of disturbing statistics in the back to hatchback owners: This type of body reduces the chances of correspondence with mysterious strangers by 15%.

Spreading a photo of a car is one thing, but telling about a pretty four-wheel drive is another. And if the first, as you probably already guessed, promises certain profits, the second is, with a few exceptions, empty and useless, and sometimes harmful.

If, again, to believe all the same research, the mention of BMW, Nissan, Land Rover, Subaru, Ford and Mercedes is fraught with an increase in the avalanche of incoming messages – from 11% to 79%. But the Honda, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Tesla, Lexus, Dodge and Mazda brands brought a decrease in women’s interest to their owners.

In conclusion, I would like to stop the monstrous brawl that ensued between the owners of the loser cars and the handsome cars from the knowledge gained. Have you noticed, guys, to mention Aston-Martins, Rolls-Royces and other Maserati? Here I am not. So, all of you, ordinary car owners, at least have some chances, but there is! And the inhabitants of the diamond shops, inlaid with black caviar, champagne and photo models – no!

By Cindy
May 31, 2019

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