6 classic military strategies to improve family and personal life (Continuation)


Task: wean partner jealous

Strategy: Prevent hostilities by demonstrating to the enemy the scenario of his defeat. Achieve concessions from him after the preemptive use of military power

Suppose you know for a sin. No, it almost sounds like a compliment to you. Rather, like this:

For example, out of the dozens of sins that follow you, one will interfere with your relationship with another friend or wife. For example, you do not want to quit drinking, because you met a drink earlier than your wife, and you love the first one more. Or you, as they say, are restrained in matters of sex with other women. How to prevent possible scandals on this basis? This is where the intimidation comes in handy.

The plan is simple and consists of two steps. First, clearly identify the scope of the actions and complaints that cause you to react. For example, so: “I can forgive everything to a person, but if someone climbs my pockets or reads text messages, I will not forget!” Do I need to clarify that your anger should allegedly provoke any measures dangerous to your sinful lifestyle. Push for the fact that you have had this psychological trauma since childhood (from your mother), that you broke up with your ex on the basis of “such little things” and that “you still know.” Afflicted that you can not cope with yourself (“And it would be okay if I ever gave a reason to doubt myself!”).

Secondly, demonstrate the devastating effects of fictional quarrels. It is useful to throw scraps of pages of passport and air ticket to Bali or fragments of seemingly expensive porcelain under the refrigerator.

It is also a good idea to start a door or a plasterboard wall with a hole at home, so that you can say with horror: “Do you have any idea how I should have been led out – me, the kindest person! “With your constant cavils, so that I can do this?” This strategy is all the more effective the less often you tempt fate and indulge your weakness. If with your hyper reactions you also turn out to be a scum, no woman will endure this. Another thing is a cute and honest guy who behaves suspiciously once in a hundred years. Do not blame him for this, especially since he does not like the reproaches.


Task: To spend a holiday or vacation according to your own scenario.

Strategy: Through constant hostilities to prolong the war so that the enemy was already glad to any end

It would seem that something too simple: if a woman asks you about something, you just promise to try to do it, but you yourself do nothing. But, alas, this trick works only in small things: “Ask if you have a job for me at work”, “Come early today”, “Make me win the Miss Office competition.” If a woman demands real sacrifices from you, just ignore her will not work. Let’s say she wants to celebrate her parents’ birthday in the village and drags you along. And you don’t really mind. In the end, they are not such unbearable people, and you in their society do not break down every time.

Yes, and there will always be a gun of her father at hand, from which you can shoot everyone before something irreparable happens. But you don’t want to go, and besides, you had another plan – to mix dozens of cocktails at home, to drink your sweetheart, and then not to wake her up all night and calmly play the fifth “Civilization”. Sabotage trips will be obvious. Much more insidious and will be such an action plan:

1. Until recently, do not stutter about the possibility of peaceful resolution.

Do not talk about alternative plans, make your trip to the village and take an active part in the preparation. Call for a jeep and a cooler bag for cake and champagne from a friend. Tighten the execution of your duties and promises as much as possible.

2. Give the enemy a taste of all the horrors of war.

In advance in all colors describe the possible inconvenience of rural celebrations. Insist that she take more repellent, antiseptic, pills for motion sickness and, most importantly, ugly, but warm clothes.

3. Force the enemy to spend more and more strength on the war.

Over-complicate any component of the plan – of course, guided by the consideration that this is a “special day” and “everything must be perfect.”

Do you understand, yes? You are required to do everything possible to ensure that the woman herself is no longer happy to be started up bustle. And to recognize: the plan is stupid and its implementation will bring more hassle than joy, “despite all your help and support.” Offer an alternative plan at the time of maximum despair.

Coalition actions

Task: Get a blank check on indecency with friends

Strategy: In peacetime, create a wide network of military-political alliances to deter aggression and advance ultimatums

Suppose your friends are really alcoholics and mobs, playing poker just to make some money for a casino. But this does not give your wife any reason to throw tantrums every time they come to visit you and steal rings and earrings from her. In the end, you yourself then play them back. On the other hand, to allow yourself all sorts of vileness in the framework of the male alliance, you need nothing at all:

1. Create a coalition precedent.

You got two tickets to the theater or to a ski resort for free or cheaply at work, but you, alas, could not make your wife company. For sure! Let her take a girlfriend! How did she not think of it herself? What are you, no trick, just a pity if the tickets disappear.

2. Pretend that you yourself and unpleasantly gain, but the interests of the development of the region require it

Doesn’t she understand how important your work is for your future ?! Yes, she would know how you are sick of this strip club! But it is a condition of loyalty to the chief. You miss at least one trip to the striptease – and on the dreams of a country house you can put up a cross! Needless to say, if the chef is not eager to take you to a favorite strip club, you can always invent an important client or business partner, although this is absolutely dishonorable.

3. Do not interfere with the strengthening of the enemy

Perhaps the war of a woman with your friends is the result of banal boredom and jealousy. Independent natures who are not alien to their hobbies and secret passions will grumble at you less often than housewives sitting around idle. Encourage her hobbies in equestrian sports, ikebana and others – this will give you the right to spend your free time outside the family circle.

So, good luck on the battlefield!

By Cindy
May 30, 2019

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