Scientists have confirmed: for women, length matters. But the length of not what you thought

It seems that scientists have calculated another parameter, because of which you can start complexes now.

Men are constantly looking for the answer to the question of how to attract many beautiful women. The answer is too fast: a pumped-up press will help, excellent manners and a big salary. But, alas, for this you need to download the press, learn to say “thank you” and find a job. And some of these victims are not ready to go.

Fortunately, scientists have recently explained the phenomenon of male attractiveness solely by biological processes, which you – hurray! – cannot influence. (So ​​you cannot strain and even soak up on the couch.)

For example, there is a version about pheromones, which, whatever you do, either like a particular girl or not. Or the theory about the fact that girls prefer men who look like their brothers. (Br-rr, yes.) And now scientists have presented us with a new version of an evolutionary-fatal origin. At this time, got limbs.

So, the results of the study were published in the online edition of the Royal Society of Science, and in full. The study was conducted in several difficult from a technological point of view stages.

First, scientists (all from Cambridge and all specialists in psychology and evolutionary processes) measured 9,000 US military personnel. Most of all in the measurements they were interested in the ratio of different limbs and body. Then the bodies of the measured were changed on the computer: for example, someone lengthened his arms, someone shortened the torso and the like in the same spirit. And only then a selection of modified images of men presented to the court several hundred heterosexual women.

So, all women in a single evolutionary impulse stated that they like men with long legs most of all!

Researchers attribute this sympathy to the fact that some inherited diseases – type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure – are characteristic of people with short legs. And the desire to choose a healthy male for the production of cheerful rosy offspring has not yet been canceled by the achievements of civilization.

By Cindy
May 28, 2019

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