10 types of male selfies that enrage women

Male selfies are a real scourge of the modern Internet. And here are the most disgusting of them.

The bizarre world of the Internet has captured a new fad – the melfy. That is a selfie made by a man. As it turned out, men love to take a selfie, no less – even frighteningly more than women. But the worst thing in this whole story – taking a selfie, they post it for everyone to see. That is, the man’s selfie is seen not only by his mother, but also by the ex-girlfriend, and the current one, and even the one who was never destined to become his girlfriend – perhaps just because of the selfie. Now I will introduce you to 10 selfies, which are guaranteed to reduce your chances of success with a girl. You will do them – and no beautiful lady will come to you in the middle of the night with dirty thoughts and a toothbrush in her hands.

Selfies in the car

I agree – in immemorial, hungry times to have a personal transport was cool. A man rolled up to the girl on a four-wheel drive mammoth with leather upholstery and tusks “under the natural.” And now the pleasantly shocked girl is ready to crawl out of the cave and live with him all the 15 years of her life she has been let go (before the first meeting with the saber-toothed tiger). Well, with the current – sad, but so far not yet hungry – the realities of each 1.5 persons have their own transport. But what she most likely does not have is an adequate man who does not take pictures of himself in a car. I hope you even slowed down before making this selfie?

Selfie with chin

“Mmm, look how big and round his chin is. All would give for a man with such a chin. Interestingly, does he have all the parts of the body as big? ”- remember this combination of words. For to meet him in some other place, except here, is unreal. After all, the only emotion that a male selfie “with a chin” can cause is bewilderment. Emotion is weak and transient.

Half-naked selfie

You sit yourself sleepy in the morning, chatting with a cup of coffee, lazily leafing through the tape of friends … Aah! Half naked man! In my Instagram! Believe me, when we want to see you half naked or completely naked, we will do everything possible for that. In the meantime, put on your shirt. No, two nipples, it is, of course, great, and yet … Throw.

Tinder Selfie

The value of such an intimate photo is slightly leveled by the fact that it can be seen from as many as fifty girls with whom you communicate on Tinder. I wrote a little leveled? Sorry, wrong. I wanted to write “completely leveled.”

Selfie with empty space

Yes, I could be here. And, perhaps, it would be if some people did not post stupid selfies, decorated with the primary features of Photoshop. Although, I confess, I would be 15 years old, it would have impressed me. Too, too many “would” for one selfie.


Either you take pictures of yourself pretending to be asleep, or you have a rare form of somnambulism, in which a sleeping person takes a selfie. In any case, we are not on the way.

Gun selfie

Such “courageous” (pay attention to the quotes, they are not accidental here) self does not prove that we have a strong man who can stand up for himself and for us. It only proves that you simultaneously know how to hold two objects in your hands. In addition, the girls associate weapons not with courage and desert dust on their cheeks, but with war and crying children. Not attractive, sorry.

Selfies from the gym

Muscles are good in strict dosage and at the right time. Here we come back from a date, we see a fire and you, playing with muscle mass, get a little white kitten out of a burning house – the perfect moment to demonstrate muscles. Of course, the muscles are relevant and in the gym. But only when we sneak up on you peeping. Sport for the sake of the photo – a pitiful sight.

Selfie “with the middle finger”

Seriously? Is this what you are showing me the middle finger, right? Well then. Where is the “unsubscribe” button?

Selfies with girls

Confusing. All your pages have a strict “not married”, nevertheless, you regularly appear in the frame surrounded by different women of all degrees of remarkableness. Of course, we have a built-in mechanism for the healthy spirit of competition for the male. But if there are too many incomprehensible ladies around the male, the spirit of competition is deformed into a sluggish indifference to a name that “yes, he is muddy”.

By Cindy
May 27, 2019

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