9 kinds of male photos that women like

Take pictures so that your Instagram has no end to the girls!

Photos for cooking

The first thought that comes to the head of a girl who has seen a photo of a man in the process of cooking: “Oooooooooh …” It’s so touching when a man cooks! And it is better that he got it worse: next to a man who knows how to masterly bake truffles under a wine sauce, any girl will feel how small and insignificant her own culinary talent is. And this is unpleasant.

Conference photo

It is believed that the girls are greedy for the bad guys, driving around the streets on a motorcycle in an open leather jacket. But with age (don’t be scared, by age I mean twenty-five) a girl who is tired of messing with the bad guy who has always had a cold (“I’ve told you a hundred times, fasten your jacket!”) Begins to revise her values. And then she comes across a photo of you – the center of attention of serious people, and even in a beautiful suit. A sweet sight for the most sensible.

Photo with music

Men with a musical instrument in their hands at all times touched the capricious strings of the female soul. And with the advent of the photo, it is even easier to touch the strings; you don’t even have to learn to play a musical instrument! It is enough to take him in hand (or let him take you in hand if it’s about the piano), make a relaxed and slightly dramatic face and ask the musician from whom you picked up the instrument to take a picture of you.

Stern photo from hike

Anyone can take pictures at the edge of the warm Mediterranean Sea. But to survive the deprivation of traveling life only a real man can. To us, girls, at the sight of such a photo, it immediately becomes clear: the one with whom you will not perish. Here he is, a man who can protect us from the harassment of a badger, a man who knows which side of the moss grows on the compass.

Repair photo

Such a photo you get immediately to several targets of the female heart. First of all, you are obviously ready to exchange the gloomy pleasures of club life for the bright joys of family life. Secondly, you know how to hold tools in your hands with a dangerous end from yourself – a useful skill in the household. Thirdly, the photo repair means that you have some kind of housing. It is unlikely that you came to a friend to help hang horns on the wall, right?

Photo with someone else’s child

But with a stranger! In the comments clearly indicate: “This is me with my nephew” or “This is me with someone else’s child.” Because a man usually has a wife attached to his child. A wife, even the ex, is able to create many unnecessary obstacles to your common simple human happiness, quickly turning it into a complex human happiness. While the alien child is a creature safe. And the fact that you communicate with him with a sweet smile, instead of taking away from him a game console, demonstrates your willingness to acquire your own offspring.

Photo with pet

It is well known that animals are a simplified version of children. Therefore, according to slender female logic (and female logic cannot be fat!), A photo with an animal speaks about your unconscious desire to domesticate.

Photos with grandma

Caring for elderly relatives is one of the most touching manifestations of human nature, which women enjoy guaranteed. So, if you have a grandmother or grandfather, it’s time to work out the mummy with which you supply them every weekend.

Photos from the hospital

The most effective photo for comment type: “OMG! What’s wrong with you ?! ”Pity is a powerful aphrodisiac for women. Having such a photo as an asset, you can count on the fact that crowds of girls will express a desire to come to visit you with a hot soup in order to reverently hold you by the cast. You will finally feel like a rock star. So, the next time you hit your little finger on the sofa, immediately put in a cast, take pictures and post. Fast as never before!

By Cindy
May 26, 2019

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